EFF Insists Government Must Hand Land Back To Blacks Without Compensation


The Fighters (EFF) kicked against the Expropriation Bill warning SA government not to spend any money as compensation for restoring the ownership and control of land by black South Africans.

Following a vote by Members of Parliament, National Assembly passed the Expropriation Bill by an overwhelming majority on Thursday.

The bill will enable government purchase land at a value determined by the state adjudicator and then expropriate if the Minister of Public Works is satisfied that the land purchase is in the best interest of the Public.

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An excerpt from the bill says; “if the expropriating authority and expropriated owner or expropriated holder do not agree on the amount of compensation, they may attempt to settle the dispute by mediation, which must be initiated and finalized without undue delay by either party.”

Reacting to the bill, EFF argued that it isn’t the best way to resolve the land problem colonialism created in the country.

Commenting, the Fighters’ spokesperson, Mbuyiseni Ndlozi said; “land in South Africa was acquired through a crime against humanity; colonialism and apartheid.

These crimes were crimes of mass death, mass destitution and systematic dehumanization of all black people.

No government money must ever be spent to restore ownership and control of the land by black people.

The foundation for peace and reconciliation must be justice on the land question, otherwise, we are merely postponing a social time bomb.”

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DA also refused to endorse the bill saying it’s “the same old bill, the DA cannot support it.”

To DA, it is important that all citizens know that their property rights are secure. And also, crucial for foreign investment that property rights are secure.

“The bill in its current form impedes on this confidence. If this bill is accepted today, it would shock business trust and would further contribute to a junk status downgrade for South Africa,” DA stated.

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