SOPA Gauteng: EFF Thrown Out After Yelling “Gupta Must Fall”


After countless efforts to calm down the EFF Members of the Parliaments who rose in unison to disrupt Premier David Makhura’s speech by shouting “Gupta Must Fall” speaker Ntombi Mekgwe asked them to leave.

The 11 EFF legislature members were seen at the Saul Tsotetsi sports complex in Sebokeng holding placards with the words “EFF is the only hope”, “Gupta Must Fall”, and “e-tolls must fall“.

EFF Gauteng leader Mandisa Mashego told journalists they interrupted proceedings to bring attention to police violence. “We have been through this violence before,” he said.

“In 2014, we were evicted by security soon after we joined the legislature. We wanted to raise these issues to the premier. At the University of Pretoria as he speaks, students are being treated violently by police. Last year at University of Johannesburg we saw excessive violence against students” he added.

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Meanwhile, the Gauteng Provincial Government has revealed plans to launch a new economic plan which would be addressing unemployment faced by the country’s economic hub.

The Province Address in Sebokeng‚ Gauteng Premier David Makhura further stated in his State Of The Province Address (SOPA) that the new plan which is set to be launched in May would be first taken to the business community for public consultation.

According to Makhura, the provincial government identified sectors of the economy – the services sector‚ retail‚ hospitality‚ financial services and real estate – that needs to be boosted to stimulate growth and create much-needed jobs.

Gauteng is said to have provided over 40% of the country’s employment though its unemployment figure still stands at more than 2-million people.

The province also has an inward migration of about 200,000 people a year‚ the province is under immerse pressure to create jobs to fight the social ills associated with unemployment.

However, while the proceeding was still on, an EFF member Mandisa Mashego disrupted the speech challenging speaker Ntombi Mekgwe for not allowing her statement to be read during the sitting. Another member of the party, Ntobeng Ntobeng then complained about the fact that there were no microphones allocated to each member of the legislature as is the norm. This is against our freedom of speech‚” Ntobeng said. This led to a little delay for some minutes.

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