Sonia Mbele Lands A Challenging Role On SABC2’s Keeping Score


Award-winning actress Sonia Mbele will be playing her dream role as the complex character – Mmamosa in the new SABC2 telenovela Keeping Score.

Mbele is very excited about this role which she says is really challenging.

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“I’m enjoying myself. It’s fun. I enjoy acting. I would act for free, just don’t tell anybody, just now they will hold it against me.”

The actress who became a household name for playing Ntombi on Generations, says Mmamosa is a dream come true.

“She is cunning, conniving, calculative, fearless, ruthless and plans and plots. She will use anybody to get her way, even her sons. She is an angry black woman.”

What drives Mmamosa is her revenge on a man, a sports icon in their youth, Justice Mohapi (Lehlohonolo Saint Seseli) who she got involved with. After a two-week fling, he left her pregnant and she had to raise her child Tladi (Solomon Sebothoma) by herself.

Driven by revenge, Mmamosa makes her son, Lehasa, (Siya Sepotokele) to quit varsity so as to work for the African Sports Academy owned by Justice.

“She is a little bit scary. She is unpredictable and you can’t cross her. She will stop at nothing to get her revenge and she is blinded by it. Ultimately, it landed her in a mental hospital to show that she is not in control.”

The character taught Sonia Mbele a lot of things about life some of which she shared with us;

“I think the deeper lesson here is that you have to learn to let go and not hold on to certain people or the past. We need to learn to move on. If you hold on to the past for too long, it may destroy you, not only emotionally, but physically, and otherwise.”

The whole cast and crew have been working it out in their studio in Bez Valley, Joburg, and site locations across the city since July. 12-hour shifts, six days a week has not been easy but Mbele has already settled in her role assisted by her experience in the game.

In addition, she has had fun with younger upcoming actors and has taken interest in schooling them about the industry.

“I find their lingo so fascinating. The other day they hooked me up on Snapchat. They are transforming me and making me get in touch with my youth again, that’s fun.

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“There was a time we had hiccups in production because they are young and sometimes they don’t see the bigger picture. So, I organised a workshop at my place and I schooled them about the industry over a nice lunch. I try to be that go-to person, the mama bear.”

Nevertheless, the language quota which is 90% Sotho, was a challenge to Mbele who struggled in the beginning to acclimatise.

Meanwhile, you can view Sonia Mbele on the show on SABC2 on Monday at 9.30pm.