SONA Debate: Zuma Is an “Illegitimate And Morally Compromised Human Being” – Malema


The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Commander-in-Chief, Julius Malema speaking at the SONA debate, clarified that his EFF “don’t have time for the so-called state of the nation”, and will not “legitimize a morally and politically compromised President of the ANC.

We do not recognize him due to his incapacity, lack of direction, association with criminal elements, unaccountability and pure disregard of the Constitution and the people of South Africa.”

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Addressing the President as “Mr Zupta”, Malema ridiculed Zuma’s legacy. “Mr Zupta your legacy can be summed up into three things, Mshini wame, Nkandla and Guptas,” the EFF leader stated.

Referring to the many problems of the country, and of course – the land factor, Malema said his party speaks of the realities “because the so-called President never spoke about them.

He instead tried to assure the interests of few white capitalists and few of his puppet masters who tell him what priorities of the State should be to make them richer.”

Reiterating that Zuma is an “illegitimate and morally compromised human being who happens to be President of the ruling party” and the country, the EFF King argued that Zuma is “not fit and proper human being to occupy the position of President of the Republic of South Africa.”

According to Malema, “all the signs of him not being suitable for the office of the president were there” but South Africans choose to ignore them just as many still do.

To buttress his argument that Zuma is not a proper human being to lead the nation, Malema recounted that Zuma;

…is the man who knowingly had sex with a HIV Positive woman and later explained to Court that a shower would lessen the chances of contracting HIV…This is the man who knowingly impregnated a friend’s child, despite that he had many wives at home, this is the man who in December 2015, exchanged Ministers of Finance in South Africa, gave misleading and wrong reasons, and accelerated our country and currency into a Junk status, which led to a loss of more than R500 billion…Our country is being relegated to a junk country because of the actions and decisions of one man. This one man called a President is responsible for the many ills affecting our country and he blames all these on the global economy.

We…call for the immediate removal of Mr. Zuma as a president of the Republic of South Africa. Mr. Zuma has caused so much damage and is in the process causing more damage. Under his watch, huge amounts of Money from the Police Slush Fund, meant for fighting crime is disappearing, under his watch money meant for the secret services to warn the country of impending threats, is disappearing in huge volumes. We cannot stand back and do nothing when one individual is accelerating South Africa into further decay.

Mr Zupta your legacy can be summed up into three things, Mshini wame, Nkanda and Guptas. You are not a legitimate president. I’m leaving. I cannot sit here to debate your address.

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