SONA 2017 Memes: Here Are 10 Side-Splitting Memes That Will Make Your day


SONA 2017 Memes- South African will always find a way to poke fun at a chaotic situation such as the one that erupted in Parliament during #SONA2017 on Thursday evening.

Following the unruly behaviour that was displayed in the house by some MPs, side-splitting memes have become the order of the day on Twitter.

Twitter users grabbed the opportunity to create funny memes about what went down in Parliament last night. There were memes about members of the Parliament including President Zuma.

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We gathered some of our favourite SONA 2017 memes for your viewing delight;

And this hilarious video of the honourable minister;

And the interpreter said it all;

And while South Africans are still trying to come to terms with the massive chaos that erupted at 2017 SONA, we got to know that the ladies have discovered a new crush in the House.

During the State of the Nation Address on Thursday, EFF leader Julius Malema kind of stole the show by getting a lot of attention to himself and his party. However, UDM’s Nqabayomzi Nkwankwa didn’t just get the attention of many, he also warmed his way into their hearts with his good looks. Especially the ladies.

Arguably, it’s probably goodbye Ndlozi and hello the new people’s bae Nqabayomzi Nkwankwa.

It all started when author and media personality Khaya Dlanga took to Twitter to praise the United Democratic Movement member of Parliament for exhibiting a cool performance at the rather heated state of the nation address.

Accordingly, he tweeted a picture of the super hot‚ neatly clad MP and wrote; “Nkwankwa‚ a real leader. A leader amongst leaders. #SONA2017”.

And that was all Twitter needed to go bonkers. The streets of witter were filled with memes and tweets on how hot the young MP is.

This left us wondering if the people’s bae title will soon be transferred to him.