SONA 2016 – Here’s What You Want To Hear Zuma Say


Whatever you read here are excerpt from Zwelinzima Vavi’s “What the SONA 2016 ought to be saying” originally published at Daily Maverick. Trust me, it’s an interesting piece but i can assure whoever’ll be listening to the SONA that you’ll never get Zuma to address the nation as highlighted herein even if you have a gun pointed at his head with your fingers squeezing the trigger. 

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To Vavi, here’s what’s fair for Zuma to say. The President should commence his address thus;

Madame speaker of the National Assembly, madame chairperson of the National Council of Provinces, honourable members and people of South Africa:

In previous years in my state of the nation address I said that I had a good story to tell, but today I must be brutally honest – the state of our nation is not at all good. In fact it is disastrous.

South Africa is facing its worst-ever crisis of distrust under my leadership. Its like we are in the deepest ocean on the darkest night and we, the captains, are blindfolded and carrying no compass to tell us whether the ship is moving south, north, west or east or just floating dangerously towards an iceberg.

Penning that the President ought to apologize to South Africa for his government’s failure in implementing the resolutions of the 2007 ANC National Conference which raised hopes among the people, the President as advised is to state;

…I am acutely aware that had I led the ANC to rigorously implement these resolutions, there would have be no EFF or a talk of a new trade union federation today. The ANC itself would not be as divided and weakened as it is today.

My comrades have opportunistically jumped into the race bandwagon and so liberally played the race card, which threatens to undermine the work done by forebears such as Nelson Mandela. At the same time we have ignored the root causes of racism…

Poverty, unemployment and inequality are all getting worse. Three University of Cape Town economists have said that a study they recently undertook suggests that Statistics South Africa’s poverty line underestimates poverty…I am sickened at the Oxfam report that 13-million South Africans go to bed hungry every night…How can that be explained in a wealthy country like ours?…How could provinces like the Eastern Cape, Northwest go hungry when they have so much potential?

With that, you want to hear the president admit that he has failed the nation. You’ll probably want to hear his say something like this;

We have failed to keep our promise when unemployment, by the true definition which includes those who have given up looking for jobs because there are none, is around 34%.

We have failed to keep our promises to our young people with more than 20 million South Africans between 15 and 34 years of age struggling for opportunity and less than 33% working.

Fellow South Africans, under my leadership, the youth of this country will have no future…We have failed to keep most of the promises to the poor; hence more and more angry communities across the country are taking to the streets, often violently, in protests over housing, water, roads and corruption.

Corruption is running out of control in both the public and private sectors…I looked the other way because of the benefits to me…I blame myself and my executive including the ANC leadership who have sprung to my defence when every South African of independent mind was so disgusted at all of this.

Lastly, Cosatu’s  former general secretary illustrated that honorable Zuma should honorably fall with the statement below;

In response to all these failures there has been a call that Zuma Must Fall. I disagree. Guilty though I am, one individual alone cannot be blamed for everything. I am therefore submitting the resignation of both myself and my entire Cabinet and calling fresh elections. I also will step down as the president of the ANC and hereby make a call on all members of National Executive Committee to follow my example.

I apologize one more last time for my failures, my lack of moral leadership, my lack of principles and for the failure to insist that all those in our government serve the people first as opposed to themselves…

Our country is no longer a gateway to Africa and has been overtaken by countries like Nigeria. I will now retire to my newly renovated home at Nkandla and I am willing with the help of my business friends to pay whatever amounts to be determined in a fair and transparent fashion.

Goodbye the people of South Africa!

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