Son Who Hired Hitman To Murder ‘Intolerable’ Dad Bags 20 Yrs Behind Bars


Murder is the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another. However, this story should be an eye-opener to many. This story should again remind you that, it is glaring that the society is rapidly turning into something else.

A business man known as Ashrab Mohideen has been murdered by a hit-man hired by his own son. The 57-year-old Mohideen was left in his own pool of blood after the hit-man allegedly stabbed him.

Mohideen’s death is simply pitiable because he didn’t see it coming. His 34-year-old son Jibraeel Mohideen, who was the brain behind his death said that he decided to kill his father because the old man had made life ‘intolerable’ for him.

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Speaking more on why he decided to kill his father, Jibraeel recalled that his father made him work without pay and would not allow him to live together with his wife.

He also alleged that his father usually kick against any suggestions he made and was so hard on his sister.

After hearing Jibraeel’s side of the story (of course, if his father had survived the attack, he probably might have his own side of the story), Judge Rishi Seegobin opined that Jibraeel could have looked for something to do or at most leave his father’s business and home rather than resorting to murder him.

On the hand, Prosecutor Candy Kandar said she was constrained to agree with defence counsel Ishy Khan that there were substantial and compelling circumstances which allowed the court to deviate from the prescribed life in jail sentences in both cases.

“These circumstances included Jibraeel Mohideen’s living and working conditions as well as that both had admitted their guilt and were prepared to assist police in the investigation.”

“Their guilty pleas had indicated their remorse,” she said.

The hitman was allegedly offered R30 000 to stab Mohideen to death at his home in February. Handing down judgement, the judge pronounced that Mohideen would be jailed for 20 years while hitman Joshua Mtshali bagged 25 years. Both pleaded guilty.

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