Real Talk: Somizi Talks About His Broken Friendship With Former BFF Bonang


In his recent interview with Anele Mdoda, Somizi Mhlongo finally opened up about his broken relationship with former BFF Bonang Matheba.

The Metro FM radio host said he never imagined that their friendship would hit the rock the way it did.

Answering a question during the interview on SABC 3′ s Real Talk with Anele, Somizi shared some details about his relationship with his counterpart.

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“I loved that girl and still do and I never thought our friendship would die. She was my Lebo Mathosa.”

BFF Bonang

The duo were very close but sadly, the relationship went sour and has remained the same till date.

BFF Bonang

The relationship between the two media personalities who were inseparable went sour after Bonang stopped talking to him. At the time, it was rumoured that Bonang was under the impression that Somizi had told DJ Zinhle about her affair with AKA. Notably, Bonang allegedly snatched the rapper from his former girlfriend DJ Zinhle.

Also, on Wednesday night’s episode of his reality show, Living The Dream with Somizi, Somizi opened up about what had transpired before the breakup with his BFF Bonang.

Somizi was speaking about his red carpet experience at the last SAFTAs where he bumped into Bonang. It was awkward for them as Somizi explained that it was the first time he had seen Bonang after four months.

BFF Bonang

“At this stage, I hadn’t seen Bonang for like four months, we’d been friends for over five years and in my head, we were BFFs.

“And then one morning I wake up and she’s not talking to me and I then hear from people that she unfollowed me on Twitter and on Instagram, hawu. The last time I had spoken to this person she was in Mauritius the night before telling me how much she misses me and then the next thing dololo.”

According to the reality TV star, he had called Bonang at the time to know what the issue was. Bonang said she would call him back as she was busy, but she never got back to him.

“All I hear is that she thinks or she was told that I told Zinhle about her relationship with AKA… but why? Why would I do that to her?

“I want the three of them, Zinhle, AKA and Bonang, to sit down and tell me who said that I said what. I’m too old for this sh***.”

Somizi Mhlongo said he values friendship a lot and the love he gets from his fans. As a result, he tried his best to resolve issues with former BFF Bonang to no avail.

BFF Bonang

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Watch out for the season 2 of his reality TV show Living the Dream with Somizi which airs on Wednesday on DStv’s Mzansi Magic.

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