Somizi and Mohale’s Divorce: What Led to their Breakup

Somizi and Mohale’s divorce was caused by alleged physical and mental abuse, Somizi’s infidelity, jealousy, and Mhlongo thwarting Molahle’s financial endeavors.

Somizi, the former Idols SA host, and his radio personality and model ex-husband, Mohale, confirmed their divorce barely a year after their fanciful wedding, shocking everyone in the process. Why did Somizi and Mohale divorce one another, and what actually happened between them? Let’s find out.

Are Somizi and Mohale Getting a Divorce?

Somizi and Mohale are no longer married. The former lovers had to find a method to end their marriage in the most friendly way possible, regardless of the defenses and refutations of the validity of their union.

Somizi and Mohale originally tried to resolve their legal dispute outside of court on the condition that Somizi keeps their relationship problems private. Sadly, Mohlongo was unable to fulfill his end of the bargain and opted to discuss their tumultuous marriage on a reality TV program instead.

According to reports, Mohale was incensed by this, and their case was subsequently sent to the Johannesburg High Court for hearing. Mohale only wanted his car replaced and his share of the funds used for the wedding, even though the couple had been married under the terms of a community of property agreement.

Somizi recently disclosed that he has moved on with someone he had crushed on for a long time, whom he also described as “the one”.

What Happened to Somizi and Mohale?

For most of 2020 and 2021, Somizi and Mohale were the buzz of the town. Their connection began offline, but as time went on, it started to trend online virtually on a weekly basis.

The two were virtually inconspicuous, occasionally posting images of themselves on dates, in intimate settings, and even on vacation to social media. As was to be expected, Somizi, the more prominent of the two, kept rapidly gaining attention from local tabloids.

As a result of their romance, they decided to get married on January 30, 2020, at River Meadow Manor in Middeldrift, Johannesburg, in front of their friends and family. On September 29, 2019, they were wedded using customary procedures; later, they sealed their union with a lavish white wedding ceremony.

Sadly, they only had a very brief marriage. They lost their romantic chemistry in a way that shocked both their followers and the general public.

It all started with a leaked audio recording of Mohale complaining about his former husband’s alleged verbal and physical abuse of him. Mohale accused him of breaking his ribs on a certain day they had a fight. He also claimed that Somizi had ruined his finances and was possessive, cunning, and envious.

Mohale decided to speak out about the situation shortly after the recording became viral and insisted that everything he said was true. All of them, however, were refuted by Somizi, who claimed he acted in self-defense.

At that point, their supporters realized there were major problems brewing in the “Somhale” paradise.

Somizi and Mohale’s Abuse Scandal

The charges of abuse remain one of the most prominent aspects of Somizi and Mohale’s divorce. They significantly affected Somizi’s career, forcing the media darling to withdraw temporarily from public life.

Somizi Mhlongo made the decision to give his side of the story on the 5th season of the reality series “Living The Dream” so that everyone may come to a more accurate conclusion. Lorcia Cooper, a South African actress and Somizi’s lifelong friend, spoke with him during the interview.

Regarding his troubled marriage, Somizi addressed all the problems and rumors. He firmly denied there having ever physically or emotionally abused his husband. Furthermore, Somizi refuted Mohale’s accusation that he attempted to destroy his business by stating that he even permitted the famous model to use his connections when necessary.

The physical conflict between them, Somizi acknowledged, but he claimed he acted in self-defense. According to reports, Mohale Motaung claimed that the show’s producers never bothered to invite him to explain his side of the story and that instead, despite having been in earlier seasons of the program, he was fired from the program.

He did, however, reassure everyone that it was okay for his ex to provide his own account of events.

What Led to Somizi and Mohale’s Breakup?

In a leaked audio recording, Mohale alleged that he was physically and emotionally abused by Somizi and that he cheated on him, wanted him to be a house husband, tried to ruin his business by frustrating his effort to become independent, and was jealous of him led to the duo’s breakup.

Somizi and Mohale got married on January 30, 2020, in Muldersdrift. Highlights of the world-class wedding were aired on the Showmax show titled ‘Somizi and Mohale: The Union’. The show was the biggest show of the year and even set a new record as Showmax’s highest first-day views upon launch at the time.

The couple had an elaborate traditional wedding ceremony and reception at Kibler Park in Johannesburg. Their wedding was the talk of the town and was graced by several A-list stars like Cassper Nyovest, Pearl Thusi, Bonang Matheba, Khanyi Mbau, and Kelly Khumalo.

The occasion was so colorful that many likened it to a Disney fairytale wedding. While many thought Somizi and Mohale’s love would stand the test of time, the two ended up allowing the challenges of marriage to tear them apart.

The couple had one of the nastiest divorces ever experienced in the South African gay community. There is no point saying exactly when their issues began, but by the end of 2022, Mohale and Somizi had ceased to exist as a couple.

Were Somizi and Mohale Legally Married?

Somizi and Mohale are presently divorced and have been since 2022. However, during the time that both of them were processing their divorce, there were new revelations regarding the legitimacy of their marriage. It was revealed by a prominent local tabloid that the two were never legally married.

This information was revealed to the media by Mohale, who insisted that he and his then-husband had never been legally wed. This statement was made by Mohale in response to Somizi Mhlongo’s request for a divorce decree.

Since they were married under the community of property, Somizi may have pushed the application forward to prevent Mohale from claiming half of his estate.

Mohale reportedly preferred, however, that their joint estate be divided equally due to DSTV royalties in order to lower his tax obligation. Mohale Motaung was adamant in his claim that the marriage could not be dissolved because it didn’t exist in the first place—at least not in their eyes or according to their Zulu cultural practices—despite Somizi’s desire to go to court for a proper dissolution of the marriage.

Motaung said that the due process for their customary marriage had not been completed, and thus, the marriage was not legitimate. He also alleged that they didn’t sign any wedding registry either.

It was further reported at the time that the Mohale was prepared to fight the issue to the tee and was willing to invite Zulu traditionalists to testify. Somizi, however, never bothered to confirm Motaung’s claim about the legitimacy of their marriage publicly.

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