Somizi’s Advice To Rapper Emtee After Manhood Mishap

South Africans woke up on Monday to leaked images of someone’s manhood which was later discovered to belong to rapper Mthembeni Ndevu, better known as Emtee.

Twitter was smeared with images of the rapper’s manhood and more than 24 hours later, we are yet to hear or see the end of it.

Perhaps the craziest thing he has ever done, rapper Emtee threw Twitter into a complete frenzy when he mistakenly or otherwise, live-streamed his manhood while having a moment with his fans.

The whole drama started when the rapper shared a live video on Instagram to his more than seven hundred thousand followers while he was taking a leak in the toilet. In the live video, he mistakenly caught a glimpse of his p***s and that was all social media needed to drag him.

Consequently, fans took screenshots from the video (in case it disappears) and shared it on Twitter with funny memes cropping up everywhere in true Mzansi style.

Weighing in on the matter, Idols SA judge Somizi told his Metro FM Breakfast show audience that the rapper could have avoided the mistake if he had better friends around him.

Somizi claimed that the incident was as a result of Emtee being surrounded by “yes friends” as well as people who didn’t have his best interests at heart. Thus, he advised him to get new friends.

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“For me, it was a mistake but one that could have been avoided from the onset. It worries me when I see a career that is doing well and a talented young man making stupid mistakes because you’re surrounded by fans that are disguised as friends.”

Furthermore, Somgaga chipped in on the jokes being made about the size of Emtee’s manhood.

“Console yourselves all you want. All I am saying is if you are short, you can only stretch your arm to a certain extent. If you are tall you are tall,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Roll Up singer has since apologized for the mishap which he dismissed as a big mistake. He also said he was unfazed by the jokes about him and made efforts to explain the incident saying:

“I was in the toilet and answering fans’ questions on Instagram live. I needed to pee but without thinking I used the same hand I was holding my phone, while I was doing my thing and used the same hand to flush. I didn’t even think about it until I realized what I had done and I immediately apologized. I was like ‘oh, no.'”

To prove that the debacle which some people have described as a PR Stunt wasn’t done on purpose, the rapper said he deleted the video as soon as he realized what happened.

Having seen the reactions that trailed the controversial video, Emtee admits there is little or nothing that can undo or justify the incident. While stressing that he is a soldier who will “weather this storm” the rapper said:

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“I am aware of what they are saying about me. I am sorry and there’s not much else I can do…”

Among those who mocked Emtee for his Instagram scandal was fellow rapper Cassper Nyovest. After Emtee’s genital video went viral, Cassper posted a video of himself laughing real hard at Emtee and said he was supposed to release his music video for ‘Baby Girl’ the day Emtee made the mistake but would instead, drop his video the next day because South Africans had already seen too much!

Obviously not happy about Casper’s reaction, Emtee publicly slammed Cassper saying he disrespected him and vowed never to work with the rapper again. According to Emtee, Cassper made jokes at his expense following the scandalous video.

“As a supposed big hommie he should be supporting me, but he’s always making jokes about me and acting like he is better so that he can get likes on social media. Is he a comedian or a rapper?” the infuriated rapper alleged.

But a few weeks later, the rappers buried the hatchet after Cassper apologized for ridiculing Emtee. The reconciliation took place when both rappers were travelling aboard a flight together.

According to Cassper, they talked things out and shook hands after he apologized to Emtee for laughing at him when he was going through a low.

“I didn’t think it was as serious as it was. Sometimes we have insensitive moments and I’m sorry,” Cassper tweeted.

Explaining why he felt hurt by Cassper’s mockery, Emtee said it wasn’t about what was said, but who said it and why he said it then.

“I didn’t give a damn about what people were saying about me but when Cassper jumped on the bandwagon to bring up the issue again when it was just about dead was not cool. It hurt that it came from him, of all people,” Emtee said.

Grateful that Cassper had owned up to his mistakes and approached him to apologize, Emtee said he was glad that it happened like it did because he was waiting for an apology and he wasn’t going to chase after it.

“We spoke about how I felt he had disrespected me by making jokes at my expense and he apologized. I respect him for that,” Emtee said.

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Undeterred, however, by the various reactions that trailed the “manhood scandal,” the award-winning rapper released a brand new single a few weeks after titled My Enemies“where he seemed to have channelled his emotions.

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In the song produced by Ruff, Emtee capitalized on his increased popularity and boldly addressed fake friends and enemies. While praying for his enemies, he slammed haters and called out social media trolls for the comments they made about him since the embarrassing incident. The single follows the successful release of his latest album, Manando.

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