Some Lunatics Are Raping Babies And Hanging Them On Trees In South Africa


When our prisons are overcrowded, and our judiciary not always unsympathetic with cruel and barbaric crimes committed by the so many sexual perverts roaming South Africa, who are demented enough to not only force sexual intercourse upon someone, but to as well rape minors, babies, and leave them for death to finish off, people will get justice the street way. For In adverse circumstances, actions that might have been rejected under other circumstances may become the best choice. Mob justice will thrive. After all, “desperate times call for desperate measures.” 

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I’ve once witnessed the South African street judiciary and the sight was gruesome. The accused has no right to be heard especially when caught in action. You are simply doomed. With every handy rod, stick, shaft, and rocks, you’ll be attacked to suffer death. And to hasten your journey to hell, a match stick and fuel is readily available to be utilized. Mob justice is out-rightly inhumane, no doubt about that. However when you get to read such insane stories about certain crimes like the one you’ll get to read here, one can’t help but grudgingly accept that it’s deserving for perpetrators of such crimes to be victims of jungle justice.

Come 14th of this month the trial of a man accused of raping and murdering a 7-year-old girl will resume. David Mahlangu was arrested after the girl went missing and was later found brutally hanging on a tree.

Yet again, a 4-year-old Waterloo girl, was led away from the safety of her home, allegedly raped, hanged and left for dead in a thicket. Reporting this happening, News24 narrated that when found the little girl lamented that “The man took me to the bushes and hurt me… now I’m bleeding.”

The victim’s grandmother related that she left the child sleeping in the house when she woke early in the morning to visit her neighbor, and was alarmed to meet the door she locked before leaving open with the little girl gone when she returned. She woke her son who had been sleeping in another room and they mobilized people in the community to help find the missing girl. While crying the grandmother further related that she “called the police and no one answered the phone. I called the Councillor and everyone was searching. My children saw a crowd of people gathered near the sports field and that is when they called me.”

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According to her, the little girl was “full of blood and the rope was around her neck” when she saw her. The girl was found by a passerby who heard her death cries, traced, rescued and carried her to a clearing. The alleged rapist remains unknown and the community remains fearful about the safety of their children.

Moreover, South African children are unsafe. Recently, four people were arrested for possession and distribution of child pornography in Pretoria and Cape Town. Our children will generally remain unprotected until when the punishment for rape crimes become something officially gruesome like the fate suffered by victims of mob justice. This is not a call for South Africans to take law into their own hands. It’s rather a call to make rapists less willing to commit rape and other related crimes.

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