Solly Msimanga: Friday Protest Not Just Against Zuma, The Corrupt ANC as well


While the march march against Zuma gain momentum, mayor Solly Msimanga reminds South Africans that the protest march is not just against Zuma’s government, it’s also against the ruling African national Congress (ANC) who have for long condoned Zuma’s behaviors for too long.

The mayor whose State of the City Address on Thursday (SOCAT) was disrupted by the ANC councillors, said South Africans must not center only on fighting against Zuma, but also against the ruling party which has taken turn in dishonoring the memory of fallen struggle heroes through horrible behaviour and corrupt governance.

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He said the ANC has not only promoted corruption and mass capture of state own enterprises, but has now concentrated on destroying the efforts of past heroes who gave their lives for a peaceful democracy.

“They’ve now concentrated on these gimmicks of fighting for something that we’ve already said we honour. And you see there’s nothing better than honouring somebody by being respectful.

“There’s nothing more than honouring somebody by saying I’m going to do the right thing. Turning yourselves into hooligans, you’re actually spitting and peeing on somebody’s grave you’re busy saying you’re honouring.” he said hours after the ANC insisted he would not speak.

The ANC Councillors disrupted the proceedings with a mock hanging to commemorate the 38th anniversary since the execution of struggle hero Solomon Mahlangu, insisting that the proceeding be moved because it wanted the day to be about Mahlangu.

While there was a heavy police presence who were initially going to forcibly remove the ANC councillors, they were left to remain inside the intended venue.

But, the mayor, Solly Msimanga lashed on the Councillors saying they have turned themselves into hooligans who defy the graves of those who fought for the nation’s freedom.

“Turning yourself into hooligans; you are actually spitting and p**sing on the grave of the person that you say you are honouring.” he said to them,

The mayor however thanked the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) for their input in council and ideas that he says will be implemented. He also welcomed the Pretoria chief magistrate’s decision to overturn what he termed ‘an erroneous decision to decline permission for the protest’.

 Police To Protect all Anti Zuma Marchers

The Democratic Alliance has called the state police to provide maximum protection all through the anti Zuma protests.

The party was due to march on the ANC’s Luthuli House headquarters but has since abandoned the move, citing safety concerns. The organization’s  Mabine Seabe said it will march to Mary Fitzgerald Square instead.

Many more demonstrators have turned up for the march with many carrying the South African flag and posters calling for Zuma’s removal.

“I have goosebumps. A lot of the people who came with me today are members of my community.” says one of the demonstrators at the meeting center.

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Like mayor Solly Msimanga, DA’s Chief Whip John Steenhuisen who is among the group said the march is not just for the DA and other opposition parties to gain political points, but that it’s about South Africans standing against Zuma.

“This is a march that doesn’t belong to any party, it belongs to the people of South Africa.” he said.