Socialite Kenny Kunene And Bae Played A Fast One On Fans


From all indications, South African businessman and socialite Kenny Kunene played a fast one on fans with a picture that went viral.

Kenny shared a picture of himself on Instagram searching for cattle in the Free State. Shortly after the picture dropped, followers started speculating on what the picture really means.

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On his social media platform socialite Kenny Kunene revealed that he and his girlfriend went to Free State in search of the perfect cattle.

“Braving the cold with my Rib at the farm to choose the one…well looked after cattle,” he said.

There were speculations that the 45-year-old has decided to take his relationship to the next level. Besides, who would’t come to such conclusion with what he wrote? I mean, the pointers are right there.

However, expectations came crashing when Kenny revealed they didn’t go in search of cattle for lobola. Apparently, he had something else in mind when he was searching the market for the one special cow.

“Every year in August I come home to the Free State, where I pray and slaughter a cow for the ancestors, which is then fed to friends and family,” he told TMG Entertainment.

Moreover, Kenny confirmed that the vague message he posted was a deliberate act to tease his followers. He added that he knew that people would naturally assume it was preparations for lobola negotiations.

“Don’t worry when the lobola negotiations are set to take place everyone will know,” Kenny promised.

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He also hinted that South Africa can expect the wedding of the decade by the end of the year.

Kenny made headlines earlier this year after he openly protested the growing blesser trend in South Africa. The socialite whose current heartthrob is way younger said that loving her changed his views and lifestyle a great deal.