Social Worker Salary in South Africa Per Month or Per Year

Social Workers in South African earn an average annual salary of R186,287. This is equivalent to R15523.9 per month and R646.8 per hour.

Life sometimes can be unfair to us. It could serve us with bitter pills that are hard to swallow. At such periods in your life, you might be wondering where to turn to or who to relay your challenges with. Needing support at this time could be all you’re looking for. That is why social workers in South Africa are well equipped to help sort out all your concerns. It might seem like it’s a modern profession, but it’s an age long profession. It’s a profession that is fast gaining ground today, many seem to be aware of the need, and many are getting involved. Beyond the emotional demands for the job, Social Worker Salary package is also one thing that attracts people to the job.

In this article, we’ll carefully examine who a social worker is in South Africa, what their job description entails, and if you’re looking to be a part of the profession, what remuneration/salary you’ll be entitled to monthly or yearly.

Who are Social Workers in South Africa?

Social workers in South Africa are professionals qualified to strive for the general well-being of people of all walks of life. Are there family-related issues you’ll need a professional? Social workers are well equipped, trained, and fitted to address typical issues, including family dysfunction, child abuse, trauma, parental difficulties, unemployment, mental health problems, unstable accommodation arrangements, illness, antisocial behavior, social inadequacies, etc. They help people concerned overcome them.

If you seek to have a career in social work in Southern Africa, it’s a good decision. Then you must understand that social work is beyond having compassion for people. There are unique skills you also need to develop to cope with the unique challenges in the field. Being a social worker means you’re ready to interact and fight to improve the lives of the vulnerable in society and change the trajectory of many people’s futures.

Social workers provide assistance, protection, and support to those in social crises and affected by injustice in society. They’re the voice of the unheard. If you intend to work as a social worker in South Africa, you need some basic requirements. A university degree is very key. You have to be sympathetic, resourceful, and reliable. Also, a good IQ and EQ will go a long way in helping you, to mention a few.

As a social worker in South Africa, your benefit outweighs your trials. It cannot be quantified in salary or incentives. Instead, your satisfaction comes in your ability to make the world a better place to live. For those who see social work as a call to serve and assist people, your benefit is immeasurable.

Social worker salary in South Africa
Family in a therapy session.

On the Average, Social Worker Salary Package in South Africa is About R186,287 Annually

The social worker salary package in South Africa, as earlier mentioned, is also one of the juicy parts of the job that attract people to the profession. But it’s most important to note that social workers in South Africa, like their counterparts, Psychologists in South Africa, are paid based on their educational level, experience, and area of expertise. The average yearly salary of a social worker in South Africa amounts to R186,287.

All social workers are also entitled to bonuses and profit sharing. The average annual salary of social workers in South Africa also depends on the organization you work for, qualification, etc. Below is a list of the salary of different social workers in South Africa based on their classes:

Specialization Annual Remuneration
Counselors R198, 386
Group therapists R187, 226
Case managers R191, 641
Child advocators R189, 168
Community outreach/activist R208, 733
Crisis intervention R208, 824
Social auxiliary worker grade 1 R148, 215
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Counselors are the most popular social workers in South Africa today. Counseling entails so much, and it’s more than listening and speaking. You need to grab a perfect understanding of your counselee to help them best. Counselors, Group therapists, and Community Outreach/activists get paid above average while the others are below average.

Entry-level for a social worker is between 0-1 year. At this level, you’re expected to receive about R150,561 per annum, based on 33 salaries, including bonuses, overtime, and tips. As you steadily ascend the ladder as an early career Social worker with 1-4 years of experience, you earn more.

Your total compensation becomes R165,821 per year based on 230 salaries. Rising above this level of experience could fetch you about R2131,554 based on 121 salaries for 5-9 years in active service.

Social workers at the peak of their career, with 10-19 years experience, earn about R255,468 based on 67 salaries. Workers with 20 years and above, which is the highest level you could attain, earn an average salary of R205,949 yearly.

Social auxiliary workers who often render supporting services to social workers by promoting healthy relationships and community life are also well paid. Their remuneration is based on different grades; for grade 1, the social auxiliary worker earns about R148, 215 – R166, 830 per annum, R176, 982 – R199, 188 per annum for grade 2 and R211, 323 – R265, 320 per annum for grade 3.

Social workers are individuals who have many golden opportunities. As a social worker, to earn more, you have to leverage these opportunities. Build on your skills, and get involved with some NGOs doing voluntary work during your free time. Doing these will help increase your take-home.

What Are The Factors That Affect the Social Workers Salaries in South Africa?

Social worker’s salaries in South Africa can be affected by different factors. Level of experience is one major factor and has been discussed above. Another is the different skills of the workers. Below are the most popular skills and to what percentage their salaries are being affected:

  • Bereavement Counselling 72%
  • Community Outreach/Activism 11%
  • Crisis intervention 11%
  • Activities for children 22%
  • Psychiatric 9%
  • Counselling 3%
  • Case management 2%
  • Geriatrics 27%
  • Child advocacy 1%

Acquiring some of these skills can best place you at an advantage to earn better salaries with incentives. Though it may take lots of time and effort to get through, whatever you put your mind to achieve is what you eventually get. You must understand that being a social worker in South Africa is a call to selfless service. Some young graduates, after their degrees, though they’ll immediately sit behind the desk with their computers in a fully air-conditioned room, receiving their desired salary. This may come much more later in the social work profession, but not immediately at the start. Being a registered member of The South Africa Association for Social Workers in Private Practice could greatly benefit you. It’s a Non-profit Organization and could bring you to the limelight.


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