Social Media Star Buhle Spices Up Birthday Week The Buhle Style

You might want to get a glass of cold water guys because it’s about to get pretty hot in here as social media star Buhle Mkhise warns of increased temperature on her walls.

Considering the fact that birthdays come once a year, Buhle has decided to make her birthday week one to remember. Thus she wrote on social media;

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“Today marks the beginning of my birthday week so these walls are about to be super sexy and sultry this entire week. Are ya’ll ready?”

And to do justice to her warning, she shared a titillating picture of her wearing the scantiest underwear you have ever seen.

Here it comes;

Social Media Star Buhle

Buhle has been dishing out spices shots of her well-endowed body for the viewing pleasure of fans. Just before we stepped into the month of December, started  an unquenchable fire on the internet with her sizzling snaps.

We all know that Buhle likes to flaunt her assets irrespective of what anyone has to say about it. We have seen a lot of sexy pictures of the beauty who is not afraid to flaunt her almost flawless and well-toned body.

Initially, we thought that the topless videos and twerking in thongs were all she got. But, she proved us wrong by sharing a completely nude picture on Instagram!

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Apparently, Buhle who used to cover a bit of her merchandise decided it was time to bare it all. And she did, literally. Feeling too lazy to put on a bikini, our beautiful social media star Buhle Mkhize opted for body paint instead. In other words, Buhle did a nude photo-shoot, where she was covered in paint, no clothes whatsoever, with her nipples sticking out.

The shots are just too hot even for Buhle. Take a look here.

Now that’s hotness personified.