Social Development Minister Bathabile Dlamini Speaks Up About Alleged Drunkenness By PE Residents


Social Development Minister Bathabile Dlamini has finally revealed the reason behind her tears in Port Elizabeth. You’ll recall that the minister was brought to tears in Port Elizabeth a day before the ANC launched its manifesto.

The hilarious video of Dlamini shedding tears immediately went viral after PE residents asked her to leave and subsequently accused her of being drunk with expensive wine.

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Speaking to MPs while presenting her budget vote in Parliament on Wednesday, Dlamini maintained that she was not drunk that day and that she only cried because she was hurt.

The minister, who is also ANC Women’s League president, boasted that she is not a coward but that she will always cry if she is hurt. “If I see our people living in poverty, I’m not going to behave strong just to please you,” she added.

Social Development Minister

Dlamini said the welfare of the masses is her concern and that their well-being is very paramount to her. She subsequently challenged the MPs to go with her to communities and see how they were treated.

While, the presentation lasted, opposition MPs accused her of being high on alcohol that very day.

‘I don’t know alcohol. Andibazi utywala mna [I don’t know alcohol]. I do not drink at all. People who know me, know I don’t drink,” she obstinately remarked.

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Later on, the minister was able to take on her critics and opposition groups. For the DA, Dlamini slammed them for packing black people into trucks while campaigning for votes – presumably a reference to a picture doing the rounds on social media, showing DA supporters packed on the back of a truck.

The minister then sent a strong message to the EFF, sounding it loud that pulling thousands of South Africans to fill up the Orlando Stadium during their manifesto launch, will not hand massive votes to them.

Social Development Minister Receives Cold Shoulder In Rhodes Uni.

Few days ago, Dlamini was shunned by Rhodes University students when she paid a visit to the institution to show support to students who embarked on a week-long protest against rape and sexual assault on campus.

While a handful of the students reluctantly made it to the university’s Theatre to hear her out, the rest chose to have a good time by watching a play based on rape and sexual violence culture.

Dlamini had earlier spent hours with Rhodes University Vice-Chancellor Dr Sizwe Mabizela in a meeting before moving to meet the hostile students. The league’s secretary-general‚ Meokgo Matuba‚ as well as its provincial executive led by provincial chairwoman Bukelwa Fanta also accompanied Dlamini to the visit.

Speaking at the meeting, the ANC women’s league president and Social Development Minister said, “Students at the university have faced many challenges‚ especially young women‚ and through the engagement with students and management‚ we have agreed that policies will be reviewed.”