“God Sent Me To Jump On People And Feed Them Snakes” – Snake Pastor


Okay, the headline words with the quotation marks were not the exact words of Prophet Penuel Muguni of the End Times Disciplines Ministries, but that’s what the Snake Pastor was saying.

We Initially informed that the Cultural, Religious and Linguistics (CRL) Rights Commission have been searching for the snake pastor to get him to explain why he made South Africans eat snakes and rats.

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Well, Prophet Penuel Muguni appeared before the CRL to exonerate himself from the allegations that he grossly went against the Bill of Rights by making his congregation dine on snakes, rats, hairs and other inedible things.

Speaking, CRL’s Chairperson Thoko Mkwanazi Xaluva stated that “people’s rights to dignity are determined by societal norms and standards. What happened on that particular day…was undignified and in violation of the constitution.”

To that, the 23-year-old prophet argued that “there’s what we call a demonstration of God’s power in proving that God has sent you. So…if now I see a snake, it takes the faith to understand what…you see. That’s why no one died after eating the snakes. The ate it and it tastes like chocolate…” Prophet Muguni intoned.

When the commission informed Muguni that “the constitution deemed that CRL rights commission will promote and protect religious rights” in South Africa, the snake prophet pointed out that he didn’t harm any of his followers.

According to him, “when the person falls, he’s in a trance. He doesn’t feel any pain and the sickness goes.” He stated that people simply think he and his kinds are jumping on their congregations because they’re not “seeing the spiritual things”.

To the prophet, it is the manifestation of supernatural powers to jump on a person today, and the person gets a job the next day. In his own words, “a person you jump on him today, tomorrow he has a job.”

 However, Xaluva as indicated in SABC News, asserted thus – “It was spiritual but it was undignified, even if they are willing participants…they have a constitutional right to dignity.

Meanwhile, Prophet Muguni has reportedly vowed to build back his church. So, South Africans will be eating creepy things again. And if you’re without a job, consider getting the snake pastor to jump on you. Do that fast, records have it that there are too many unemployed South Africans. It’ll be a long queue and you wouldn’t want to wait too long for your turn.

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