SMS ‘CHEATER’ To 32832 If You’ve Ever Slept With Ajam, His Wife Needs To Know


His wife wouldn’t believe that he is not cheating on her and the man had to storm Daily Voice to prove his faithfulness. He’s calling on anybody who has ever slept with him to text the word “cheater” to 32832. His wife will surely be at the other end to decide whether her husband is a cheating spouse.

According to reports, Amien Ajam, 66, a Plumstead pensioner has been married to his wife Gabby Amien, 41, for more than 12 years and will do whatever it takes to save his marriage. Ajam related that his wife wouldn’t believe he’s faithful to her. “She’s always thinking that I’m having an affair so I want to prove to her that there’s no another woman”.

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Hear him – “I’m not cheating with any woman. I’m here [at the Daily Voice] to prove it…So if there’s any woman out there who says she’s jolling (cheating) with me she must come forward…I love my wife, I’ve never been in any other relationship…”

Ajam pointed out that people who are jealous of his young wife have been trying to destroy his marriage. “Maybe it’s family or friends who are jealous of me,” he added.

Meanwhile Ajam’s wife narrated that it’s hard for her to believe her husband. “He gets messages like ‘Visit me’ and ‘Come see me’ and even ‘Please Call… your future wife’. He also gets phone calls at night, Gabby complained stating that when she takes the call, the person at the other end “just breathes heavy”.

She argued that it is suspicious to call back the numbers only to be placed on voicemail. It doesn’t matter that the husband has long gotten rid of his phone in order to save his marriage. Gabby has had enough and is set to walk away from the marriage albeit, she’s giving Ajam the last opportunity to prove he’s been faithful.

“Sometimes I really think he is cheating because why would people go to such extreme lengths to break us up?…This is his last chance now. I want to know if he’s cheating, that’s why his face must be in the Daily Voice.”

Ajam is nonetheless certain that nobody will come forward and accuse him of infidelity. He’s hopeful he’ll convince his wife he’s been faithful to her with his face in the Daily Voice.

“No one is going to come forward and say I’m jolling with them. Because I only love my wife…I came to the Daily Voice to prove that I’m not cheating. I’m not a cheater.”

As highlighted, “If there is anyone who can prove they have been having an affair with Amien, SMS the word CHEATER to 32832.”

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