‘Smile South Africa, Other Countries Envy Us’ – Zuma


Even if everything about South Africa is disrupted, and projected towards a continuing act of disorder, we’re called on by our Honorable president to never be in a hurry, and to be quite and in calm spirit. The president inferred that panicking South Africans causes tunnel vision and thus, called for a calm acceptance of danger(s) which can allow us as a nation, to more easily assess the situation and see the options.

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To the South Africans hitherto convinced that his government have swallowed the last piece of their hopes, that greatness is forever lost, and seizes the slightest opportunity they can find to talk about the “ruins of South Africa”, and prophesy about seeing blackness in the face of the Nation’s sun, the president says South Africa going through “a difficult period…is not to say the country is not doing well. We must work together to promote our country and to disseminate positive and encouraging messages about our country.”

Addressing the National General Council at the Gallagher Convention Center yesterday, the president acknowledge that his government have failed to accomplish some of its onset goal but have however positively contributed noticeable in certain facets of the problems distressing South Africa, thereby moving the country forward.

Zuma related that while the target to boost the economy by 5% come 2019 is getting difficult to attain, progress are made and South Africans need not to bother as countries like the United States is still struggling to recover from the 2008 recession. “We wanted to grow our economy by 5% by 2019, and this target is proving indeed difficult to achieve under these conditions, but we shall soldier on working with you,” he said.

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And added that “this period calls for unity among all of us. We need to work together…we have tried many things to help the situation but so far we have not gone under…it is a difficult period.”

The problem, according to Mr president is that we are too hard on ourselves. “When you meet people outside of the country” he said, “they envy South Africans, it is a breath of fresh air and South Africans themselves don’t know that.”

Recounting his achievements as the president, Zuma stated that “We ought to celebrate some of those achievements because we have achieved a lot as a country and there are many countries that speak about that and recognize that.”

He recounted that the country has improved in micro economic development, business sophistication higher education and training. He pointed out that South Africa is back in the top 50 list in the world, and declared that “the World Economic Forum’s annual global competitiveness report 2015/2016 has said that South Africa climbed up seven places from 56 to 49 countries of 140 countries.”

According to the president, “South Africa’s biggest improvements come in the areas of health, primary education, efficiency and technological readiness.” He however submitted that the nation shouldn’t be satisfied by the achievements. “South Africa cannot be complacent, that is why we need you to help us,” he pleaded.

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