Gone In A Flash! A Case Of Smash And Grab Robbery In Guateng


While it is an established fact that crimes can happen anywhere and to anyone, the number of reported cases of smash and grab in Johannesburg is getting alarming. The most shocking thing about this kind of burglary is the way it happens in a flash. It happens in such a way that the victims end up not knowing what hit them. The perpetrators of this act always use elements of speed and surprise so that while the victim is still trying to recover from shock and the rush of adrenalin to call the police, they must have made out with whatever they could lay their hands on.

A video recording shot by the dashboard camera of a certain Craig Jennings on the corner of Cambridge and Witkoppen Roads in Sandton Guateng showing a typical case of smash and plunder has gone viral. The video shows a man who appeared to be begging by the windows of cars stopping or slowing down at a hold.


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He walks past a white land rover, waves at the driver like a beggar would do and walks on. After a few seconds, he walks back to the land rover and pretends to beg. Then suddenly, he smashes the window of the car with an object he had been holding, hauls half his body into the car and struggles a bit with the driver before jumping a nearby bridge with the driver’s belonging.

The driver was said to have sustained some injuries on her arm from the glasses of the smashed window. Her attacker also made away with her phone.

On a closer analysis, it was gathered that while the he was pretending to be a beggar, the attacker had been checking out cars with valuables lying on the seats or at places within his reach. So when driving around in the city, its best not to keep things like handbags, mobile phones or laptops on the seat.

Also, he picked the land rover because the driver was a woman and seemed like she would not be able to put up much of a struggle.

In the light of this, it is advisable to be on your guard at all times and be wary of roadside beggars. When people get burgled at night, it is a lot more understandable than the kind that happens in broad daylight.

Such broad day light cases of smash and grab that happens in crowded places gives a new meaning to terror. It leaves people feeling like there is no safety even among a crowd of people.

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