Murder for Genitals: War Waged Against The Slaughter Of Fur Seals


A global war is being waged against the slaughter of Fur seals in Namibia and South Africa.

Already, almost 140,000 people across the globe have signed a petition on the issue.

The petition directed at the authorities of Namibia and South Africa lamented that 80,000 Cape Fur Seals pups are scheduled for slaughter every July first by being beaten to death or shot.

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It said:

“The Namibian hunt is considered the most brutal of all seal hunts since it is the only country in the world that allows for nursing pups to be slaughtered, many skinned while still alive.

The Namibian seal ‘cull’ has become the largest slaughter of marine mammals on earth since the EU and Russia have banned Canadian seal products.

They are killed for their fur, oil, penises. Their genitals will be exported to the East where they are used to make ineffective sex potions for the Asian Market.

The annual slaughter continues, even though they are listed on Appendix II of the United Nations Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.

Cape Fur Seals are a threatened species. They have suffered massive habitat loss and several mass die offs and should not be subjected to this annual slaughter…”

Records have it that South Africa is a significant importer of seal products from Namibia.

Sometimes in 2013, President Zuma received a letter requesting that the government end the trade in seal products.

The letter which was signed by 24 scientists and leaders of non-profit organizations, also requested that the government reject the suggestion of a member of parliament to resume South Africa’s seal slaughter.

An excerpt from the letter read: “we urge the government of South Africa to give very careful consideration not only to the welfare concerns associated with large scale killing of seals, but also to potential ecological consequences thereof, which are very difficult to predict and, from evidence in many other situations including in Namibia, are rarely straightforward.”

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Below is a video footage that captures the horror of seal hunting.