Top 10 Highest Buildings (Skyscrapers) In South Africa And How Much It Cost To Build Them

South Africa has continued to rank so high among other economically and structurally developed countries in Africa, as a matter of fact, South Africa is the most structurally and economically developed nation on the African continent. Most of her major developments can easily be spotted in the major cities such as Pretoria/Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. Also in major cities, you’ll find the tallest buildings not just in South Africa but in Africa at large, most of them have stood the test of time for many years.

As at today, the tallest building under construction is ‘Portside’ in Cape Town, at 139 m (456 ft) tall. It is expected that this new development will be the tallest in South Africa since the end of the apartheid era. The tallest proposed building in Africa (eventually announced for definite construction) is to be completed in 2018 in South Africa (named Centurion Symbio-City). It is also expected to be the world’s 14th tallest freestanding structure, which will soar to 447m (110 storeys). There are quite a number of high-rise buildings in South Africa that can compete with what you have in LA and New York City.

10 Tallest Buildings (Skyscrapers) In South Africa

Carlton Center, Johannesburg – 223 m (732 ft)

Cost: Over R88 Million

This is the tallest building standing today in South Africa, not just South Africa but in the whole of the continent of Africa. It is actually a 50-storey building. The construction of this building was a lengthy process, beginning in 1967 and ending in 1974, though it was officially opened in 1973. If you want to catch a view of the whole of Johannesburg, standing on top of the Carlton Centre will give you a bird’s-eye view.

Carlton Centre Johannesburg

Ponte City Apartments, Johannesburg – 173 m (568 ft)

Cost: $2.5 Million

Situated in the Hillbrow neighbourhood of South Africa, one of the fascinating things about this structure is that it is a 54 story residential building and as it stands now, it is the tallest residential building in Africa. The Cylindrical in shape building was built in 1975. On top of it is a massive and eye-catching advertisement for Vodacom phone company.

Ponte City Apartments, Johannesburg

Marble Towers, Johannesburg – 152 m (499 ft)

This building is situated in the business area of Johannesburg, South Africa, near Jeppe and Von Wielligh Streets. The Marble towers, also known as the Sanlam Sentrum or Sanlam Center, has 32 floors. The building features the Southern Hemisphere’s largest electric sign. The construction was finished in 1973.

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Marble Towers, Johannesburg1

Pearl Dawn, Umhlanga – 152 m (499 ft)

Cost: R1.6 Billion

This is actually the biggest project in KwaZulu-Natal on the prime beachfront land in Umhlanga. Residents of this building have access to a commercial centre including retail, business and wellness facilities. It has 31 floors and the construction was finished in 2010.

Pearl Dawn,Umhlanga

South African Reserve Bank Building, Pretoria – 150m (490 ft)

Situated in 370 Helen Joseph Street in Pretoria CBD is one of the tallest buildings in South Africa, 150 meters tall with 32 floors. This building was constructed in 1986. The project was awarded the South African Institute of Architects’ Merit Award in 1989 and the South African Property Owners Association’s Building Merit Award in 1988. You can view its height from the streets around.

South African Reserve Bank Building,Pretoria

88 on Field, Durban – 147m (482 ft)

Cost: $40 Million

Situated in  Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. The building was originally called 362 West Street, then the name was changed  to 88 on Field. It has remained the tallest building in Durban since 1986. The construction of the building started in 1983 and ended in 1985. This building cost about 40,000,000 USD to build.

88 on Field,Durban

KwaDukuza eGoli Hotel Tower 1, Johannesburg – 140m (460 ft)

Situated in the Central Business District of Johannesburg precisely 84 Small Street Johannesburg South Africa is the KwaDukuza eGoli Hotel also known as Johannesburg Sun Tower. It was built in 1970 and was originally known as The Tollman Towers. It comprises of two separate towers, one of them is 40 storey building and the other 22.

Marble Towers, Johannesburg

Michelangelo Towers, Sandton – 140m (460 ft)

Cost: R750 Million

Michelangelo Towers is a hotel building in Sandton, South Africa. The tallest building in Sandon with 34 floors. The building was finished in the year 2005.

Michelangelo Towers, Sandton

Trust Bank Building Johannesburg – 140m (460 ft)

In the Central Business District of Johannesburg is the Trust Bank Building, a skyscraper of about 140 meters with 31 floors. It is the head office of the Trust Bank of South Africa and houses one of the largest bank vaults in South Africa. The building was sold in February 2003 for R6.4 million (USD $640,000).

Trust Bank Building Johannesburg

Portside Tower Cape Town – 139m (456 ft)

This is the tallest building in Cape Town. The construction of the building was completed in 2014 with about 32 floors and a height of about 139 meters.

Portside Tower Cape Town

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