Here’s How Much Skolopad’s Boerewors Outfit Cost Her


Skolopad’s boerewors outfit which she wore to the annual Feather Awards in Joburg this year complimented her nomination for Drama Queen of The Year.

The socialite and entertainer wore a dress made from clear plastic and boerewors placed in strategic places to cover her modesty to the awards. The materials used for the dress and the labour cost just R1500. According to Skolopad’s designer, the material was very cheap, but the labour cost more.

In fact, the material for the dramatic outfit cost a little less than R300. This includes, the boerewors and the bag of charcoal which she used as a clutch bag.

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While the whole idea came from Skolopad, her designer made some adjustments which she liked and they went ahead to make the head-turner.

Skolopad’s Boerewors Outfit

Meanwhile, if you were thinking what a waste of wors on Skolopad’s boerewors outfit , then you got it all wrong. The controversial local entertainer braaied her “boerewors” dress after the party and says it was “delicious.”

Skolopad said that after she changed into her second outfit, she placed the wors in a coolerbox at the BP garage close to the venue to preserve it. Taking to Twitter afterwards, she wrote that she couldn’t bring herself to throw away the wors, so, she prepared it for her family to enjoy.

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She wrote on Twitter:

Her designer also designed the red dress Skolopad changed into after the boerwors dress. The red outfit cost R6 000.

Skolopad’s rival Zodwa Wabantu wore a green gown that left very little to the imagination. The outfit was put together by Durban-based designer and it cost R2500.

Skolopad’s Boerewors Outfit

Zodwa opted for a style that will give her the freedom to display her titillating dance moves without any restriction whatsoever.