Skolopad: Wait, What! The Woman In The Revealing Yellow Dress Promises To Bare More Skin


Perhaps the lady with the most revealing outfit at MMAs black carpet, Nonhlanhla “Skolopad” Qwabe, the lady in the yellow dress has said we ain’t seen nothing yet.

Apparently, she doesn’t get tired of showing off her body. In fact, she is ready to show even more flesh in a show coming up on Thursday. Thus, if you are going to be in Joburg on Thursday, you might be in for some great uncensored show.

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Skolopad set the internet on fire when she appeared on the Metro FM Music Awards Black Carpet with her yellow revealing dress that leaves nothing to the imagination. Her outfit turned more than a few heads and dropped some jaws. In a desperate attempt to show off the ink on her bum, Skolopad raised her dress further than anticipated without giving a hoot.


Like the weekend torture wasn’t enough, the musician/nurse told her followers on Twitter this week that they can expect to see even less cloth when she performs in Melville, Johannesburg on Thursday. In other words, we are going to see even more skin when we thought we have already seen it all.

According to what Skolopad told Phat Joe on East Coast Radio recently, she is always half naked and often takes pictures of herself without underwear.

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“When I take photos I sometime put on a top without undies…I used to dress half-naked but this time I decided to do more (at the Metro FM Music Awards). I am always half-naked because I am comfortable with my own brown silky skin,” she added.

And if you think she’s going to change all that because of your opinion, you got it all wrong.