Skeem Saam Teasers May 2022: Here is What Happens in the Next Episodes

Skeem Saam continues to dazzle fans and followers of the show with an incredible storyline that explains exactly what one has to go through in order to earn the respect and trust of his peers while also struggling to become a man. The show is not short of twists and turns and has not lost its ability to surprise viewers and rack up viewer points which are only comparable to shows such as Scandal, The Queen, and The River.

A Recap of What Happened on Skeem Saam in April 2022

In the first episode of the month of April, viewers were treated to the return of an unscrupulous employee to Rovuwa. We also witnessed the plans Charles makes to retain the file and John receives a mysterious text from an unknown number. Viewers also got to see a potential buyer divide the staff at Rovuwa into two extremes.

Further down the month of April, fans bore witness to the fact that in order to defeat a common enemy, Charles, MaNtuli, and Melita are forced to pull their resources together. Eunice starts covering her expenses from the crypto funds and Malebana inches closer to catching Kat. Midway through the April episodes, the Seakamelas are made to see that there is only one way to counter Meikie’s forthcoming anger.

As April draws to a close, viewers witnessed Lehasa enlisting the help of the right person to get to the bottom of the source of Eunice’s sudden wealth and it also becomes clear that John can’t wait to have his divorce over and done with.

Skeem Saam Teasers For May 2022

The wait for new episodes is finally over. Let’s delve into what viewers and fans can expect to see on new episodes of the show in May.

Episode 216: Monday 2 May 2022

Meikie’s community service period gets off to the worst possible start. Lehasa finally gets credible information about the whereabouts of his money. Mosebjadi gets an ultimatum to figure out her problems.

Episode 217: Tuesday 3 May 2022

Eunice is backed into a corner when her father unexpectedly shows up at her flat with Babeile and she lies to him to get out of it. Mosebjadi receives harsh treatment from the eighth graders for being a tattletale. The sight of Meikie compels an old lady to run out of Turf Hospital.

Episode 218: Wednesday 4 May 2022

Eunice is advised to become a drug dealer by a friend. A traumatized student contemplates leaving Turf High for good. A man is too ashamed to have a conversation with his visibly disturbed wife.

Episode 219: Thursday 5 May 2022

The chickens come home to roost for the people responsible for Mosebjadi’s unfair treatment at Turf High. Eunice persists on the road to utter destruction. Mekie becomes aware of the fact that Charles gained unauthorized access to her trade secrets file.

Episode 220: Friday 6 May 2022

Babeile stumbles onto a romantic moment between his daughter and a disturbed teenage boy. Mr. Kgomo is hell-bent on making things difficult for Meikie in spite of her best efforts to stay positive. The executive makes a nasty error when she gives her credit card to a spendthrift.

Episode 221: Monday 9 May 2022

Meikie promises to clean out John. Lewatle makes concerted efforts to discover her position with a prospective heartthrob. Eunice’s most recent investment is tied to criminal activities.

Episode 222: Tuesday 10 May 2022

Mapitsi finds out that Sister Beatrice has been feeding her half-truths. Eunice is led to believe that Kenny took care of the problem he created but this is also untrue. The Meeting between Mahlatse and the teachers fails to meet the expectations of either party.

Episode 223: Wednesday 11 May 2022

Eunice gets involved in a car crash. Mapitsi offers to help Sister Beatrice with her GEPF application after noticing that she wasn’t through with certain things. Mahlatse becomes aware that the position of class teacher allows her to flaunt certain rules.

Episode 224: Thursday 12 May 2022

Pax assists everyone in solving the test results dilemma. Eunice is shocked when she gets a visit from a couple of former colleagues. Alfred faces off with Mapitsi regarding her most recent assignment.

Episode 225: Friday 13 May 2022

Mapitsi’s article finally gets a shelf space. The Magongwa’s ploy to outwit Thobakgale hits a home run. Chef Kgosi backs Eunice into a tight corner, a reflection of his exact intentions for her.

Episode 226: Monday 16 May 2022

Eunice takes a risky gamble and succeeds beyond imagination. The missing test papers give the principal an excuse to spite the eighth graders. Malebana’s announcement has a life-changing effect on Babeile. Lehasa is dismayed to learn that the credibility of two key witnesses in his case is being called into question.

Episode 227: Tuesday 17 May 2022

In a heavily intoxicated state, Eunice arrives at the realization that she has a musical calling. Pax influences the eighth graders to embark on strike action. Mr. Kgomo is resigned to the knowledge that he must meet with Sister Beatrice in spite of his apparent fears.

Episode 228: Wednesday 18 May 2022

The leftover in her bank account almost elicits a fainting fit from Eunice. The Principal gets embarrassed in front of the entire school. Ruth’s exact location produces a surprise reaction from Koloi.

Episode 229: Thursday 19 May 2022

Eunice’s closely guarded secrets are exposed. The principal’s aggravation goes a bit higher. Unfounded stories of Ruth push Koloi into chasing shadows.

Episode 230: Friday 20 May 2022

Alfred gets into Principal’s face about the bullying she gets at her workplace. Much like her fledgling career in music, Eunice’s world goes up in flames. Koloi is drawn to the true location of Ruth.

Episode 231: Monday 23 May 2022

Ruth alleviates Koloi’s worries. Alfred is loving the satisfaction of seeing Principal in a panic mood. Chef Kgosi assumes full control of Eunice’s life in every sense of the word.

Episode 232: Tuesday 24 May 2022

Ruth begins a journey to financial independence. Alfred gets a bothersome phone call from the district office and Eunice’s parents eventually take care of their responsibility.

Episode 233: Wednesday 25 May 2022

Pretty hinges the favor she promised to return to Eunice on a singular condition. Ruth already has laid out plans for UCT and is making positive strides with her GEPF claim. A prank in the shower fails badly.

Episode 234: Thursday 26 May 2022

Malbena is on the verge of completing his pension forms. Turf High’s principal comes face to face with Celia’s hot anger. A despised addict steals Alfios’ phone.

Episode 235: Friday 27 May 2022

Ruth is set to return to Cape Town. Alfred is very confused and doesn’t know what to do. Solomon must take responsibility for Eunice’s rash actions.

Episode 236: Monday 30 May 2022

Elizabeth unknowingly gets into trouble of Celia’s making at the hospital. New information comes to light about Eunice’s mysterious disappearance. Day 1 of the GEPF 60 days waiting period dawns for Ruth.

Episode 237: Tuesday 31 May 2022

Turfloop finally discovers the location of its physiotherapist. Principal is invited to the police station. Meneer Manaka places the entire eight graders on suspension.

List of Skeem Saam Actors and The Characters They Play

  • Clement Maosa as Zamokuhle Seakamela
  • Patrick Seleka as Katlego Petersen
  • Africa Tsoai as John Maputla
  • Harriet Manamela as Meikie Maputla
  • Eric Macheru as Leeto Maputla
  • Dieketseng Mnisi as MaNtuli Seakamela
  • Shoki Mmola as Celia Magongwa
  • Mogau Motlhatswi as Mapitsi Magongwa
  • Masilo Magoro as Charles Kunutu
  • Lydia Mokgokoloshi as Koko Mantsha
  • Lerato Marabe as Pretty Seakamela
  • Molefi Monaisa as Wallet Rakau
  • Putla Sehlapelo as Alfred Magongwa
  • Makgofe Moagi as Charity Ramabu
  • Skhumbuzo Mbatha as Mpho Manaka
  • Elizabeth Serunye as Principal Thobagale
  • Cedric Fourie as Lehasa Maphosa
  • Amanda Manku as Lizzy
  • Vusi Leremi as Clement Letsoalo
  • Bongani Madondo as Sifiso Ntuli
  • Tshepo Senatle as Koloi Shivambo
  • Innocent Sadiki as Sthoko Seakamela
  • Sebasa Mohale as Doctor Hlongwane
  • Patrick Bokaba as Bopape
  • Authors Molepo as Captain Malebana
  • Oratilwe Maitisa as Eunice Nkadimeng
  • Oupa Manamela as Babeile
  • LizzVan Deventer as Candice
  • Tebogo Modisane as Alfios
  • Pebetsi Matlala as Mokgadi
  • Clevy Sekhala as Dennis
  • Aubrey Makola as Ramashala
  • Luyolo Zitha as Mfundo
  • Keamogetswe Leburu as Bonhle
  • Nozipho Langa as Glenda Mogotsi
  • Lebohang Elephant as Mr. Kgomo
  • Lebohang Chidi as Carol
  • Samukele Mkhize as Khwezikazi Gasela

Skeem Saam Was Created By Winnie Serite

The show began airing over ten years ago after creator Winnie Serite worked out an arrangement with PEU Communications that allowed them to produce and distribute the show. It was first aired on SABC 1 in October 2011 and since then, the station has shown the series, initially from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm, but now from 7 pm to 8 pm from Monday to Friday.

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