Skeem Saam Teasers March 2022: What is Happening in the Next Episodes

As a TV series, Skeem Saam explores the transition from adolescence to adulthood. The lives of three young men are the primary focus of this show. If you enjoy educational series full of information about what it really takes to be a man, then Skeem Saam is a show you wouldn’t want to miss.

A Recap Of What Happened On Skeem Saam In February 2022

True to form, Skeem Saam delivered some nail-biting moments that are worthy of taking a look at again to be sure that those scenes did happen. Fans, who were too occupied to follow some of the thrills and the action that February provided, can get a clue of what transpired here.

For starters, we learn that the Principal says no to Evelyn’s proposition. Babeile also finds out that Alfios was with someone else on the hiking trail. Lehasa and Kwezikhazi also have a confrontation with the Mavimbelas. As we go on, we are treated to the scenes where Celia makes a challenging choice which is certain to give her sleepless nights for probably all her life.

We also see that Principal is hell-bent on making life unbearable for Kwaito. MaNtuli is not happy that Kwaito has suddenly started dancing to a different tune. Celia also makes a confession to Mr. Kgomo, but her story has some embellishments. A Jozi power couple might be preparing to tie the knot.

Khwezikazi expresses her frustration about not getting the warm reception she was expecting from the Maphosas. The Magongwas are surprised to see a more different and savage side to Alfios. Eunice is depressed because nothing seems to be going her way in her desperate search for a job.

As February ends, John becomes aware that he has taken on more than he can handle. Eunice also finds out that it is one or the other regarding her recent employment. The Magongwas’ desperate efforts come to nothing.

Skeem Saam Teasers For March 2022

This series draws you in; we understand. We are also aware that the beginning of a new month brings with it expectations and predictions from your favorite TV show. The longing to find out what happens next in the new episodes of Skeem Saam is a feeling that is not peculiar to this particular series, but there is something about this series that keeps fans on the edge of their seats and leaves them wanting more.

The wait is over!!! Let’s find out what happens next in the newer episodes of Skeem Saam.

Episode 172: Tuesday 1 March 2022

Alfred eventually gets relief from his pressures. Melita tells John she loves him to stop him from ending their fling. Eunice enthusiastically prepares for a new adventure.

Episode 173: Wednesday 2 March 2022

Eunice crosses ethical lines at work and thinks nothing of it. Meikie, in prison, gets an unexpected visit from MaNtuli, who drops a bombshell. Alfred resorts to extra fibbing to save face with the Jones.

Episode 174: Thursday 3 March 2022

Eunice is nearly caught in the act of crossing lines at work again. Nimza fulfills his parents’ expectations in a huge way. A fight almost breaks out between the Maputla sons.

Episode 175: Friday 4 March 2022

Alfred gets to experience the agony of watching his foe get ahead. Eunice ultimately does something correctly. Rovuwa’s shares prove to be worth next to nothing. John finds it difficult to resist temptation.

Episode 176: Monday 7 March 2022

Eunice wants to try out extra sources of income. The Rovuwa staff is faced with the prospect of becoming unemployed. John is gradually starting to feel suffocated.

Episode 177: Tuesday 8 March 2022

Melita faces the realization that there might be a credible threat to her life. A bold Koloi literally tries to get the phone number of his older love interest. Phomolo and Lehasa both suppose that there’s more than meets the eye regarding Khwezikazi.

Episode 178: Wednesday 9 March 2022

Pretty is against Eunice’s idea of putting an ex-lover’s feelings about her to the test. Kwaito and John might be about to experience their worst nightmare. Lehasa seems to be right in front of Khwezikazi’s plans.

Episode 179: Thursday 10 March 2022

Eunice is still very worried about her financial status. Kgosi and Lehasa have reunited thanks to Khwezikazi and all in the middle of the lobola epic. The likelihood that Meikie might be let go from prison leaves everyone unsettled.

Episode 180: Friday 11 March 2022

Lehasa is truly surprised at the names on the State’s witness list. Emkay tries to help Eunice regarding Fanie’s crypto file, but the latter turns down the help offer. Everything is ready for Meikie and Melita’s meeting on Monday.

Episode 181: Monday 14 March 2022

Melita gets unsavory information about her getting a job at the Maputla supermarket. Eunice is caught in a somewhat awkward position in front of her former lover. Lehasa is shocked when Petersen presents the former with another search warrant.

Episode 182: Tuesday 15 March 2022

A private love affair is unintentionally exposed to busybodies. A detective who is determined to get justice reveals a turn of events. Eunice’s ego makes it impossible for her to open up about her money troubles to a co-worker.

Episode 183: Wednesday 16 March 2022

A newcomer that is raring to go lands in trouble for placing too much stock on her abilities. Lehasi and Khwezi stay right before Petersen’s plans as Kgosi comes back. A rather very inquisitive journalist has no interest in giving up her pursuit of the truth.

Episode 184: Thursday 17 March 2022

A certain inmate gets wind of John and Melita’s romantic dalliance. Eunice exposes herself to danger while protecting Mr. Moloi’s interests. Khwezikazi challenges Lehasa to cut out being soft.

Episode 185: Friday 18 March 2022

Phomolo threatens to let Lehasa’s close associate take the blame. Lizzy’s attempt to be her sister’s keeper is rebuffed. Melita attempts to tell her part of a story to a foe.

Episode 186: Monday 21 March 2022

Meikie is shocked by the sensational news he gets when John visits. Khwezikazi has a way out of Lehasa’s troubles but is emotionally distressed. Eunice makes a huge sum from a side business.

Episode 187: Tuesday 22 March 2022

Eunice’s debts continue to increase. Lehasa has made a decision about her intentions for Café Rovuwa. Turf Times gives Melita the platform to get her account of events out to the world – The Phumeza version.

Episode 188: Wednesday 23 March 2022

Payday only makes things unbearable for Eunice. Lehasa’s trial is delayed on account of a recent murder. Melita looks for another public podium to straighten out any misconceptions.

Episode 189: Thursday 24 March 2022

A dissatisfied ex-lover exposes her unsavory secrets on-air, but her archenemy makes things worse for her. A self-satisfied Lehasa is silenced with a search and cease warrant from Petersen. Eunice is far from pleased with a co-worker who noses into her affairs.

Episode 190: Friday 25 March 2022

Melita incessantly torments John. An ex’s message eases Lehasa’s worries. Eunice is emotionally preoccupied about a new supervisor who appears busy with activity.

Episode 191: Monday 28 March 2022

Meikie unintentionally becomes obligated to Octavia. Lehasa eavesdrops on the probable location of the money stolen by Fanie. The plot that Koko devised to shield Kat from harm puts someone else in harm’s way.

Episode 192: Tuesday 29 March 2022

Elizabeth presents Eunice with final terms and conditions. Leeto contends with his mother’s challenges while in Turf with Joy. Charles unexpectedly comes across something big.

Episode 193: Wednesday 30 March 2022

MaNtuli finds out that she is living on borrowed time at work. Eunice remains indifferent to the affections of those who care about her. Meike’s cellmate is plotting evil for her.

Episode 194: Thursday 31 March 2022

Lehasa is angered when his arrangements about Café Rovuwa are put off. Eunice settles her accounts with a close companion. Meike is in for the most sinister form of treachery from Octavia.

List Of Actors On Skeem Saam And The Characters They Play

Fans of this thrilling educational series would have found it almost impossible to enjoy it without the masterful performances put on by its very talented cast every week. Their artistry and composure ensure that fans are treated to the very best and top-quality entertainment content.

In summary, the show owes its success primarily to the quality of its cast members. Who are these cast members, you ask? Let’s meet them and the roles they portray on the show.

  • Clement Maosa – Played the role of Zamokuhle Seakamela
  • Patrick Seleka – Played the role of Katlego Petersen
  • Africa Tsoai – Played the role of John Maputla
  • Harriet Manamela – Played the role of Meikie Maputla
  • Eric Macheru – Played the role of Leeto Maputla
  • Dieketseng Mnisi – Played the role of MaNtuli Seakamela
  • Shoki Mmola – Played the role of Celia Magongwa
  • Mogau Motlhatswi – Played the role of Mapitsi Magongwa
  • Masilo Magoro – Played the role of Charles Kunutu
  • Lydia Mokgokoloshi – Played the role of Koko Mantsha
  • Lerato Marabe – Played the role of Pretty Seakamela
  • Molefi Monaisa – Played the role of Wallet Rakau
  • Putla Sehlapelo – Played the role of Alfred Magongwa
  • Makgofe Moagi – Played the role of Charity Ramabu
  • Skhumbuzo Mbatha – Played the role of Mpho Manaka
  • Elizabeth Serunye – Played the role of Principal Thobagale
  • Cedric Fourie – Played the role of Lehasa Maphosa
  • Amanda Manku – Played the role of Lizzy
  • Vusi Leremi – Played the role of Clement Letsoalo
  • Bongani Madondo – Played the role of Sifiso Ntuli
  • Tshepo Senatle – Played the role of Koloi Shivambo
  • Innocent Sadiki – Played the role of Sthoko Seakamela
  • Sebasa Mohale – Played the role of Doctor Hlongwane
  • Patrick Bokaba – Played the role of Bopape
  • Authors Molepo – Played the role of Captain Malebana
  • Oratilwe Maitisa – Played the role of Eunice Nkadimeng
  • Oupa Manamela – Played the role of Babeile
  • LizzVan Deventer – Played the role of Candice
  • Tebogo Modisane – Played the role of Alfios
  • Pebetsi Matlala – Played the role of Mokgadi
  • Clevy Sekhala – Played the role of Dennis
  • Aubrey Makola – Played the role of Ramashala
  • Luyolo Zitha – Played the role of Mfundo
  • Keamogetswe Leburu – Played the role of Bonhle
  • Nozipho Langa – Played the role of Glenda Mogotsi
  • Lebohang Elephant – Played the role of Mr. Kgomo
  • Lebohang Chidi – Played the role of Carol
  • Samukele Mkhize – Played the role of Khwezikazi Gasela

Some Cast Members Who Left Skeem Sam

Even the best TV series get to experience cast members occasionally leaving the series, and Skeem Saam is no exception. The show has sometimes left fans with an awful feeling when their favorite actors have decided to call it a day on the show. At other times fans are relieved to see a character go.

Reasons for departures often arise from a decision to pursue personal interests, as was the case of actor Cornet Mamabolo, who portrayed the character of Thabo Maputla on the show and who left to focus primarily on his business as a financial services provider. Oros Mampofu, who played the role of Jama, was forced to leave because the showrunners were unwilling to meet his demands of increased pay.

Some departures were motivated by decisions to move on to bigger opportunities, like actress Amanda Du Pont, who left Skeem Saam for BET Africa’s Isono, to take on the role of Mamba after ending things as the character Leo Mthiyane on Skeem Saam.

The rather curious departure of actress Phophi Mudau Ratlabala, who played the character Cindy Khuzwayo. Ratlabala was initially tight-lipped about her reasons for leaving the show. However, she most recently returned to clear the air about the much-speculated reason for her sudden departure.

The actress revealed that she was silent out of respect for her new calling as a traditional healer. The actress has since revealed that she is returning to the screens and will do her job alongside her new calling as a sangoma. It remains to be seen whether she will be returning to Skeem Saam.

There Are No New Additions To The Cast Of Skeem Saam

Since the last additions in January, which saw the introduction of Mosa Nkwashu as Lewatle, Zizo Sobhutyu as Mosebjadi, and Thabiso Molokomme as Paxton Kgomo, the show has regained enough stability to convince the showrunners that there won’t be a pressing need for new additions.

The South African TV Series Skeem Saam Premiered In 2011

Winnie Serite’s creative mind was responsible for bringing these entertaining characters to life over a decade ago. She pitched the idea to PEU Communications Solutions, and after the production company had completed its due diligence, the project was given the green light.

Skeem Saam was officially introduced to the public viewers in October 2011 on SABC 1 every weekday, from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm. The show now runs from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm every Monday to Friday on SABC 1.

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