Skeem Saam Teasers June 2023: Check Out the New Episodes

Skeem Saam, which is one of the most-watched TV series in South Africa, ended on a bloody cliffhanger last month. One of the show’s most beloved characters, Alfois, was murdered. And though it was initially reported that he committed suicide, his postmortem results proved otherwise. Hence, Babeile has been on the case as he suspects the presence of a serial killer in Turf.

In the new episodes of Skeem Saam released for June 2023, Babeile takes to unimaginable sources to get to the root of the case. Let’s find out whether his investigations will yield maximum results from the teasers below.

Skeem Saam Teasers for June 2023

Episode 239: Thursday, June 1st, 2023

Babeile finds out about a budding love affair the moment he tries to delve deeper into his case. When things get heated for Ntswaki, she flips the script on Turf. There’s tension at the Kgomo home between mother and son.

Episode 240: Friday, June 2nd, 2023

Dr. Hlongwane finds himself in over his head when a Union Rep pays him a visit. Babeile becomes a thorn in Rathebe’s side. And John does the unthinkable by making a plea for a troublesome teenager.

Episode 241: Monday, June 5th, 2023

The union puts pressure on the hospital. Babeile makes a shocking discovery about Rathebe from an ex. John warms up to Meikie’s cousin, and she is moved by the gesture.

Episode 242: Tuesday, June 6th, 2023

Like a raging bull, Charles unleashes hell on Rathebe. Melita is forced to swallow her pride and seek accommodation from a doctor she once insulted. And Babeile receives a spine-chilling prophecy from a relative.

Episode 243: Wednesday, June 7th, 2023

Babeile gets shocked as a piece of evidence lands in the wrong hands. Will Lizzy testify at Melita’s disciplinary hearing? Ntswaki is humiliated by Lewatle in the worst way imaginable.

Episode 244: Thursday, June 8th, 2023

Ntswaki feels left out at school. Melita’s disciplinary hearing raises tension at Turf Hospital. Babeile’s serial killer witch-hunt continues.

Episode 245: Friday, June 9th, 2023

A former hospital employee gets her job back. Rathebe finds Alfred in her room and her reaction shocks him.

Episode 246: Monday, June 12th, 2023

Babeile is delighted when something he wants is found and the walls are slowly closing in on Rathebe. Pax is embarrassed by Mosebjadi in class. A former beauty queen apologizes to the people she has wronged in her recent past.

Episode 247: Tuesday, June 13th, 2023

A near-death situation makes Dr. Hlongwane wish he could be removed from his new position. Babeile makes a shocking discovery on the CCTV.

Episode 248: Wednesday, June 14th, 2023

One of the most interesting teasers for episode 248 of Skeem Saam for June 2023 is that Babeile’s investigation takes an unexpected turn. While Francois confides in Lehasa, Koloi’s curious ears hear what doesn’t concern him. And Shoki makes an effort to control the after-effects of Mr. Kgomo’s damage at Turf Hospital.

Episode 249: Thursday, June 15th, 2023

Babeile wonders what his colleague is up to as he finally gets hold of the footage. Khwezikazi stepping up in business delights Lehasa. And Pax is shaken over his father’s disciplinary hearing.

Episode 250: Friday, June 16th, 2023

Francois heeds Lehasa’s advice to go after what he likes. Pax gets a rude awakening, and Babeile asks for the unthinkable to help solve his case.

Episode 251: Monday, June 19th, 2023

Francois is impelled to make some reassurances to his colleagues. A former employee is shocked by Melita’s visit to her house. Rathebe is caught doing what she ought not to be doing.

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Episode 252: Tuesday, June 20th, 2023

Shoki gets ready for Mr. Kgomo’s upcoming disciplinary hearing. Rathebe’s frustrations rise over her missing treasure. Lehasa steps in to appease his worried staff.

Episode 253: Wednesday, June 21st, 2023

The walls seem to be slowly closing in on Rathebe, and her plan to find her hidden treasure backfires. Khwezikazi gets amused when someone asks to buy a stake in her business. As Melita learns that her past is coming back to haunt her, her newfound positivity is short-lived.

Episode 254: Thursday, June 22nd, 2023

Babeile has some good news that piques Rathebe’s interest. Mahlatse shares his discovery with Letetswe. And Shoki is set on knocking the final nails into Mr. Kgomo’s coffin.

Episode 255: Friday, June 23rd, 2023

Pax is emotionally distraught over his father’s hearing. Mahlatse finds himself having to answer for his distress but cannot do it. Finally, Francois hears from Annabel.

Episode 256: Monday, June 26th, 2023

Pitsi and Bushang discover Rathebe’s hidden treasure, and Mr. Kgomo’s disciplinary hearing is off to a rocky start.

Episode 257: Tuesday, June 27th, 2023

A Turf Hospital receptionist gets threatened by a scorned superintendent. A loud bang at the Magongwa house wreaks havoc.

Episode 258: Wednesday, June 28th, 2023

When things get heated in the interrogation room, lovers turn on each other. Everyone is shocked to the core when the shooter confesses, and a young boy’s life hangs in the balance.

Episode 259: Thursday, June 29th, 2023

A decision about Mr. Kgomo’s hearing has been made, and some people are worried about the outcome. Alfred is about to lose what matters to him most. And Babeile officially arrests a colleague.

Episode 260: Friday, June 30th, 2023

The teasers for the last episode of Skeem Saam for June 2023 are quite thrilling. Not only does Mr. Kgomo get informed about the outcome of his disciplinary hearing, but Rathebe is baying for Alfred’s blood and makes it known to the public.

Who Are The Producers of Skeem Saam?

Created by Winnie Serite, who also serves as the executive producer, Skeem Saam is produced by PEU Communication Solutions. It airs on SABC1 from Mondays to Fridays at 18h30. The drama series premiered in 2011 and has been running for eleven seasons. Its original languages include Zulu, Sotho, Sepedi, and English.

Who Left Skeem Saam Recently?

In May 2023, actor Tebogo Modisane who plays Alfios in Skeem Saam, left the show. He was written out as his character was murdered in the series. He made his debut in Skeem Saam in 2013 and grew to become one of the show’s favorite characters. Also, Dragon, portrayed by Julius Kgole, made an exit from Skeem Saam in April 2023, as he was killed by Leeto Maputla (played by Eric Macheru).

Skeem Skaam actors who left recently:

  • Alfios played by Tebogo Modisane
  • Dragon played by Julius Kgole

List of Skeem Saam’s Cast Members

  • Patrick Seleka as Katlego Peterson
  • Clement Maosa as Zamokuhle Seakamela
  • Samukele Mkhize as Khwezikazi Gasela
  • Lerato Marabe as Pretty Seakamela
  • Dieketseng Mnisi as MaNtuli Seakamela
  • Cedric Fourie as Lehasa Maphosa
  • Eric Macheru as Leeto Maputla
  • Harriett Manamela as Meikie Maputla
  • Putla Sehlapelo as Alfred Magongwa
  • Mogau Motlhatswi as Mapitsi Magongwa
  • Elizabeth Serunye as Principal Thobagale
  • Thabiso Mmolokomme as Paxton Kgomo
  • Africa Tsaoi as John Maputla
  • Vusi Leremi as Clement Letsoalo
  • Amanda Manku as Elizabeth “Lizzy” Thobakgale


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