Skeem Saam Teasers August 2022: How the Next Episodes Will Play Out

Set in the Turfloop rural area outside Polokwane, Skeem Saam is an educative and information-filled South African series whose storyline is built around the attributes and characteristics required to become a self-sufficient man.

The characters and actors who portray them have succeeded in making Skeem Saam one of the most treasured and watched soapies in South Africa, putting it alongside other greats like The Queen, Generations, and Scandal.

A Recap of What Happened on Skeem Saam in July 2022

July began with the season 10 finale as viewers are shown Khezikazi attacking again while Pretty’s love for Lehasa leaves her homeless. The following episode was the season 11 premiere which shows MaNtuli’s heart problems coming to the fore again after she learns of Lehasa Maphosa’s condition.

Midway through July, fans of the show witness the scene where Pretty’s decision comes as a surprise to her family. Some people may have missed the captivating episode where the Gaselas are hell-bent on getting answers to the questions on their minds and do not plan to leave until they get answers.

July ends with a subdued MaNtuli’s conscience catching up with her, and she has to take full responsibility for her actions and make the required changes. Viewers are pleasantly shown a scene where Alfred returns to Turf with his eyesight intact, to the surprise of the Principal.

Skeem Saam Teasers for August 2022

In August, fans and viewers of Skeem Saam will be treated to new and exciting episodes filled with all the hallmarks such as drama, thrillers, etc., that the show has come to be associated with. As is the custom, here are the teasers for this month that are expected to blow the minds of Skeem Saam lovers.

Episode 21: Monday 1, August 2022

Principal is surprised to see her two nemeses together and believes the worst. Phomolo has Khwezi by the balls. MaNtuly takes the bull by the horns concerning her mental health.

Episode 22: Tuesday 2, August 2022

MaNtuli eventually apologizes to someone she offended in the past. Lehasa expresses his feelings to Pretty. Principal appears to be running out of chances.

Episode 23: Wednesday 3, August 2022

Rosina’s personality is tested exceedingly when two arch enemies pull her from side to side. Lehasa and Pretty start afresh. John is big enough to own his mistakes and apologizes to MaNtuli.

Episode 24: Thursday 4, August 2022

Alfred rains hell on Principal leaving her under intense pressure. Pretty becomes aware that she will need Lehasa’s integrity to become used to life in Jo’burg. Rose unknowingly brings back a blast from Francois’ unsavory past.

Episode 25: Friday 5, August 2022

A strike is imminent against the Principal, and no one seems able to prevent it. Turf hospital is in urgent need of a receptionist. Things go from bad to worst for Clement, who has a terrible social media experience.

Episode 26: Monday 8, August 2022

Evelyn’s testimony may be the final piece of evidence required to nail Thobakgale. Clement’s frustrations about his phone become worse when he becomes aware of how much he has lost.

Episode 27: Tuesday 9, August 2022

Principal is faced with truths she finds difficult to deal with. Pax experiences grave consequences for his actions. Clement’s depression spills over when the search for his phone is unfruitful.

Episode 28: Wednesday 10, August 2022

Melita ponders the ramifications when Nora reminds her of her arch enemy. Clement gets a pleasant surprise from Oritonda: a new gadget. Principal eventually gets her turn at the hearing.

Episode 29: Thursday 11, August 2022

Evelyn turns down Principal’s attempt to make peace between them. Clement deals with old ghosts, but it doesn’t stop him from excelling. Meike comes face to face with an old bitter acquaintance who turns up at Turf hospital for an interview.

Episode 30: Friday 12, August 2022

Turf High erupts in Jubilant and heartbreaking scenes to mark the end of an era. A rising star’s fixation on social media gives his loved ones a cause for alarm. Turf Hospital eventually fills the post of their receptionist, but the candidate is not who anyone expected.

Episode 31: Monday 15, August 2022

Alfred is chomping at the bits to resume work. Clement’s world is easily overtaken by the dangerous world of social media. Jacobeth experiences the hardest day in her life and career.

Episode 32: Tuesday 16, August 2022

Manaka loses his cool when Alfred blocks his path. Oritonda and Clement’s spontaneity gives their relationship a different dimension. Eunice comes by a letter with not-so-pleasant news.

Episode 33: Wednesday 17, August 2022

Evelyn decides to settle her differences with her nemesis. Eunice can’t deal with the intensity of the outside world. Clement and Oritondo plan their next trip, which takes them outside Limpopo.

Episode 34: Thursday 18, August 2022

Clement’s well-laid-out plans for a ‘baecation’ may go up in smoke. An impending family visit throws John off. Evelyn shuns Alfred, and this leaves him off balance.

Episode 35: Friday 19, August 2022

Turf teachers are surprised when they realize who the new teacher is. Eunice doesn’t get the welcome she had hoped to get from her former employer. Clement goes all out to prevent his ‘baecation’ from failing.

Episode 36: Monday 22, August 2022

A relationship faces unique challenges which result in the cancellation of a romantic getaway. Eunice’s regret at one apology is palpable, but she makes headway with another. The first day back at the office is not for everyone, particularly a former Turf High employee.

Episode 37: Tuesday 23, August 2022

Evelyn gets an email from the district that is likely to alter the course of her life, but Alfred never receives one. Clement and Oritonda embark on the long-awaited romantic adventure. Mrs. Kgomo reprimands her husband for his unfair treatment of a former hospital employee.

Episode 38: Wednesday 24, August 2022

Alfred is bothered about his rival despite finally getting some good news. Oritonda becomes uncomfortable with Clement’s obsession with his mobile phone. The Rathoka family touches down at the Maputlas’.

Episode 39: Thursday 25, August 2022

Alfred worries about his big day the next day. Kat’s excitement about an idea Mapitsi proposes to them is not mirrored by Candice. Clement and Ori’s relationship passes through some roadblocks on their trip.

Episode 40: Friday 26, August 2022

A lovely trip turns sour as a result of a heartbreaking hate crime. An interview at the district goes off the rails despite its promising start. Two business owners come to blows over a promising business idea.

Episode 41: Monday 29, August 2022

Mapitsi gets Leeto’s thoughts about a new business idea she wants to embark on. Alfred loses it. Pretty and Lehasa provide support for a couple who had a bad experience on their romantic getaway.

Episode 42: Tuesday 30, August 2022

MaNtuli changes her mind about Ori after the Hartees ordeal. Mapitsi puts her affairs for her new venture. Mr. Desando’s Turf High announcement leaves everyone surprised.

Episode 43: Wednesday 31, August 2022

Clement eventually tells his story live on air. Mapitsi goes on a solo publishing run after facing some challenges. The new chief at Turf High throws a celebration.

List Of Skeem Saam Actors And The Characters They Play On 

  • Clement Maosa as Zamokuhle Seakamela
  • Patrick Seleka as Katlego Petersen
  • Africa Tsoai as John Maputla
  • Harriet Manamela as Meikie Maputla
  • Eric Macheru as Leeto Maputla
  • Dieketseng Mnisi as MaNtuli Seakamela
  • Mogau Motlhatswi as Mapitsi Magongwa
  • Masilo Magoro as Charles Kunutu
  • Lydia Mokgokoloshi as Koko Mantsha
  • Lerato Marabe as Pretty Seakamela
  • Molefi Monaisa as Wallet Rakau
  • Putla Sehlapelo as Alfred Magongwa
  • Makgofe Moagi as Charity Ramabu
  • Skhumbuzo Mbatha as Mpho Manaka
  • Elizabeth Serunye as Principal Thobagale
  • Cedric Fourie as Lehasa Maphosa
  • Amanda Manku as Lizzy
  • Vusi Leremi as Clement Letsoalo
  • Bongani Madondo as Sifiso Ntuli
  • Tshepo Senatle as Koloi Shivambo
  • Innocent Sadiki as Sthoko Seakamela
  • Sebasa Mohale as Doctor Hlongwane
  • Patrick Bokaba as Bopape
  • Authors Molepo as Captain Malebana
  • Oratilwe Maitisa as Eunice Nkadimeng
  • Samukele Mkhize as Khwezikazi Gasela

Watch Skeem Saam On SABC 1 Every Weekday

Since premiering in October 2011 after going through the production process at PEU Communications, SABC 1 has held the exclusive privilege of bringing live episodes of the show to South African viewers in the country. You can watch the new August episodes of Skeem Saam on SABC 1 every Monday to Friday in August from 7 pm to 8 pm.

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