SK Khoza Is Engaged – Facts About His Wife To Be and Previous Baby Mamas

Sthembiso ‘SK’ Khoza, who is popularly known for his role as ‘Shaka Khoza’ in the Mzansi drama series The Queen, is the son of the Independent Municipal and Allied Trade Union national president- Stan Khoza and his wife, Lindiwe Khoza. He was born on July 1, 1986, at Ntuzuma, KwaZulu-Natal. Besides being a wonderful actor whose acting skills have endeared him to his fans, SK Khoza is also good at soccer, rugby, and karate. As early as the age of 12, he already had his karate black belt.

SK Khoza is also popularly known for having so much going on in his private life, so much so that he was allegedly removed from The Queen cast because of the drama in his private life. Due to the fan’s love for him, he was brought back. Khoza seems to be trying to bring stability to his private life as he is now engaged with his current girlfriend.

The Queen’s Star Shaka Khoza Proposed to His Girlfriend in December 2020

After SK Khoza broke up with his former girlfriend and fellow actress, Pabee Moganedi, in November 2020, he started showing off his new girlfriend, Mandy, whose real name is Ayanda Hlongwane. Mandy, a Dentist, is the CEO and founder of AMNF Dental Surgery, located in Johannesburg, South Africa. She seems to be a very private person and tries to keep her social life as discreet as possible. At the time of this post, her Instagram account is private and cannot be accessed by just anyone.

The exact place and how these two love birds met is not clear, but it seems they cannot just get enough of each other,  which can be seen from the pictures posted by Khoza on his IG accounts. They are so open with their relationship that her title as the fiancée of SK Khoza is also included in her Instagram bio. In every four pictures or video she uploads, one which has SK Khoza in it follows.

SK Khoza, on the other hand, who is also very good at showering praises on his girlfriends, is regularly doing the same with his current girlfriend. On March 12, 2021, he took to IG to show gratitude to Mandy, who rushed him to the hospital due to severe heartburn. On several occasions, he has also posted videos and pictures of them having a good time. He also uploaded a video of his visit to Mandy’s dental clinic on January 22, 2021.

Khoza took their relationship to the next level in December 2020, when he proposed to Mandy live on Instagram. He started by thanking fans for their support before going down on one knee to pop the question to his beautiful girlfriend, Mandy, who was looking very surprised and excited while saying YES to the proposal. It was a really loving atmosphere, so much that it drew tears from Mandy’s eyes.

Before That, SK Khoza Already Had Three Children

Although SK Khoza is about to walk down the aisle with a lady who seems to be the love of his life, he actually has two baby mamas and three children. While being a good father to his children, he will also have to be a good husband to a woman who is not their biological mother.

The TV show host is the father of two beautiful daughters and a son. There is so much misleading information on the internet about who the birth mothers of his children are. The lack of clarity on the subject has led to a gross misconception about who their mother is and which of the children are biological siblings. However, a look at their Instagram pages revealed the actual state of things in the Khoza empire.

His First Child is Ayanda Khoza

Ayanda Khoza is the first child of SK Khoza, and she was born on November 4, 2011. She is the daughter of Khoza and his former partner, Morna Phatudi, known as Maddy, and is fondly called ‘Yaya’ by her parents. The exact time Maddy and SK started dating is not clear, but in a post on social media, the South African-born actor said he fell for her beauty as a student, suggesting they must have met as students. Khoza actually started flaunting Maddy on social media in 2016.

Maddy and Khoza were everyone’s relationship goals while their love lasted. Khoza never failed to shower praises on her for her so much love and support. The bond between Maddy and Khoza was so strong that so many people actually believe that they were married. This information, however, remains unconfirmed.

On Ayanda’s 8th birthday, her mother Maddy took to Instagram to celebrate her firstborn child, whose birth birthed the woman she is.

Morna Phatudi is Also the Mother of Khoza’s Second Daughter

There are so many controversies surrounding who the exact mother of Khoza’s second daughter, Lele, is. The adorable little princess was born on October 12, 2014. Many people actually believe that Lele shares the same mother with her brother, but on the contrary, she is actually Ayanda’s direct sister, as they both share the same mother.

From what can be seen on Maddy’s IG post on Lele’s 5th birthday, she put out a post celebrating her second-born while admitting it was a privilege to have birthed and nurtured her. This only shows that contrary to popular opinion, Morna Phatudi is actually the child’s mother.

Before their separation, Morna Phatudi and SK Khoza successfully co-parented their daughters. Khoza never failed to upload pictures of his partner and children having an amazing time and looking like a perfect family. Although they are no longer together, Maddy still uploads pictures of herself and her daughters having a great time.

Lee-Anne Makopo is the Mother of Khoza’s Son

SK Khoza’s son, whose name is given as Mason, was born on January 2, 2013, and is 11 years old. He was conceived as a result of an affair between Khoza and Lee-Anne Makopo, also known as Sangoma Gogo Maweni. Khoza was still in a relationship with Maddy when he impregnated Lee-Anne. However, Maddy stayed on and even gave birth to her second daughter for Khoza the following year. 

Even though Khoza initially denied impregnating Lee-Anne Makopo, saying that they were just friends, it, however, became clear that the sangoma is actually his baby mama.

He Was Dragged to Court for Being a Deadbeat Dad

In 2017, Lee-Anne Makopo, the mother of Khoza’s son, was in an open quarrel with Morna Phatudi, and it trended on social media. Lee-Anne had accused SK Khoza of failing to pay the papgeld (child support) of his child. She said Khoza kept giving her excuses, claiming that he has not been paid by the film production company he worked for at the time.

Maddy, who was still with Khoza at the time, asked Lee-Anne to stop asking her man for money, and in response, the Sangoma made it clear that she did not need his money. However, Khoza had to take responsibility for his son. When asked to clarify the issues going on between his baby mamas, SK Khoza denied having any issue with Lee-Anne over child support.

In 2020, the issue resurfaced, and this time, he was dragged to court by his son’s mother for failing to pay papgeld for over six months. When he failed to appear before the court on the stipulated day, a warrant of arrest was issued.

SK Khoza is Actively Involved in the Upbringing of His Daughters

Khoza, who never failed to praise Morna Phatudi, his daughters’ mother, while they were dating, is doing the same with his daughters. His social media account is full of pictures of him and his beautiful girls spending time together.

Khoza is so keen about his children’s upbringing that he doesn’t allow them to watch his show The Queen. On his IG account, he posted a video of him telling his daughters to tell their friends not to watch the South African soapie after the girls recognized him as Shaka Khoza in the Mzasi Magic drama series.

SK Khoza said he doesn’t allow his children to watch the show because of the drama series’ strong language. So far, co-parenting with Maddy seems to be going on smoothly, but it doesn’t seem to be the same with Lee-Anne Makopo. Although the mother of Khoza’s son said he regularly calls her to thank her for bearing him a son, he has not been very faithful with the papgeld, and unlike his daughters, he doesn’t upload pictures of himself and his son on social media.

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