Six EMS Paramedics Robbed At Gunpoint In The Line Of Duty


Six EMS paramedics of the Johannesburg Emergency Management Services (EMS) were robbed at gunpoint while attending to a stabbing incident in Jeppestown.

While discharging their duties in two different vehicles yesterday, the six paramedics were ambushed by two gunmen. They robbed the EMS paramedics of their personal belongings as well as items they used in working.

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The EMS’ Robert Mulaudzi spoke more on the incident.

“The two armed men came from nowhere while the paramedics were treating a patient. They demanded their belongings like wallets and cellphones and also took medical drugs and a two-way radio.”

Mulaudzi said the robbery was highly condemned by the EMS. He appealed to the public to come forward with viable information to help the police in their investigation.

Meanwhile, the paramedics were not harmed during the incident.

A member of the provincial legislature Jack Bloom on Monday reacted to the report of EMS paramedics robbed of their belongings while on duty. He suggested:

“Ambulance personnel need enhanced self-defence and other protective measures to combat this threat to their safety.”

He said the “Fairview ambulance and a response car went to assist a stabbing victim at 4am on Sunday morning…and the crews of both vehicles were held up at gunpoint and their cellphones and wallets were stolen”.

He added that the “window of the response car was smashed to steal drugs” and the “gunman also forced them all into the back of the ambulance with the patient”.

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 The paramedics had told him that attacks like this are on the increasing and are mostly not reported. It is even more disturbing to think that criminals even attack medics who are trying to save the lives of injured people.

Thus, Bloom called for safety measures to be taken to ensure that paramedics are not harmed during such attacks.