ANC Senior Member Labels Daddy Zuma A ‘Full-time Thief And Looter’ – See Footage


A senior member of the ruling party has labeled Mr President a ‘full-time thief and looter.’

Sipho Pityana was the director general of the department of labor during Nelson Mandela’s reign.

Pityana was speaking at former sports minister – Reverend Makhenkesi Stofile’s funeral.

He talked about the legacy of the South African ambassador to Germany who died on the 15th of August saying its unlike the present leadership of the ANC which has humiliated the party.

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“That our movement is in crisis, is right and it is beyond question. If you doubted it, look at what happened in the local government elections.

…we’re a movement in denial.  When we talk about why it is we are where we are, we say it is because of the negative and hostile media.

We say it is because Western governments are driving an agenda for a regime change…We say it because of clever blacks who are ill-disciplined and arrogant.

We say it is NGOs who are agents of foreign interests, but comrade Stof would have none of it…”

With that, Sipho Pityana declared that ANC’s revolutionary project is under threat.

“The balance of forces in the movement have changed. It has changed in favor of the forces of corruption.

Our movement is captured, and consequently the state is captured.

Accountability is an important measure of respect for the people. It is an important measure of respect for public office…

No less than a person who is president of our movement and our country takes every opportunity to show nothing but disdain and contempt for our Constitution,” asserted Pityana.

Also, the senior ANC member, albeit indirectly, lashed Zuma for messing ANC’s reputation.

He said: “when the constitutional court makes a finding that you broke your oath of office, what it means is that you are honorable no longer. What it means is that you are untrustworthy.”

He added that ANC’s setbacks are self-inflicted because the party ceded its moral high ground to the opponents.

“We attack and undermine and show complete disdain for Chapter 9 institutions.

And, I need to remind you that as OR Tambo suffered a stroke, one of the chapters that he wrote as a precursor to this country was the concept of the notion of a Chapter 9 institution.

Who are these leaders of today who don’t have a sense of that history?” Sipho Pityana asked.

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Above all, he cautioned that the ANC can no longer be led by a leader who humiliated the organisation and undermined everything the party represent.

“So, we must ask…” he said. “Do we have leaders of the revolution, or do we have full-time thieves and looters?”

Check out the video below.

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