Singer Zinhle Ngidi Cooling Off Behind Bars, Details Herein


Singer Zinhle Ngidi is currently behind bars after being arrested for allegedly smacking a police officer.

The singer tweeted shortly after the incident; “Just got arrested by metro police who hit me 1st then arrests me because iam a civilian how, (sic)” she tweeted.

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Zinhle’s manager Bhuti Sitole who witnessed the incident explained that he drove with the Shumaya hitmaker to fetch her baby from her mother’s flat in downtown Johannesburg.

Apparently, there was a restriction on the street where Zinhle’s mother lives and law enforcement officers didn’t allow them to enter the street. All explanations to get them to enter the street fell on deaf ears.

Zinhle explained to the Metro officer that they needed to park closer to the flat. This would help her to fetch the baby and the baby’s things, which would be too heavy to carry to a far distance.

However, Bhuti said the officer told them, “voetsek.”

Determined to accomplish her mission, Zinhle parked at some distance from the flat. Then, assisted by her mother and sister, she carried the baby and the baby’s things back to the car.

Nonetheless, Bhuti added that officer M.A. Tshoane approached them and started being aggressive. The officer became more aggressive when Zinhle explained that they did not use the restricted road.

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The altercation became serious when the officer pushed Zinhle’s mom out of the way and Zinhle pushed back. As a result, the officer smacked her and Zinhle smacked her back in “self defense,” said Bhuti.

Eventually, Zinhle Ngidi was detained with her toddler at John Voster Police Station in Johannesburg. The baby was later released to the singer’s mother.

No official statement has been made by the police on the matter.