How South Africa Killed Brenda Fassie – Veteran Singer Blondie Makhene


Whoever thought that getting more attention from fans has the power to turn a celeb into a junkie? That was the explanation given by legendary singer Blondie Makhene concerning the tragic end of musicians like Brenda Fassie.

According to the musicain, South Africa failed these artists by mounting pressure on them – overbooking and all. Thus, some of them took to substance abuse in order to cope with the craze.

Blondie reportedly spoke at the One Night in No Man’s Land sessions on Saturday at SoMa Art + Space in Maboneng; Johannesburg where he shared his thoughts on where Brenda would be in her career if she were here.

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He added that sometimes, the work overwhelms the artists, causing them to take drugs in an attempt to balance the equation. As a former counterpart, Blondie pointed out that this was what happened to Brenda which eventually claimed her life.

“It is not easy to move from one gig to another after a performance. You do not have time to sleep because you are constantly on the road. In some parts of the world, they ask you if you want to do the tour or not, and they give you cocaine to keep you energetic and awake,” he said.

Looking back, Blondie maintained that Brenda’s career would still be at it’s peak if she were still alive. This was because “she had an amazing voice” and her aura was unbeatable.

Both Blondie Makhene and Brenda Fassie enjoyed a close relationship, soon after Blondie took her under his wing.

South Africans and fans all over took a few minutes on May 6, 2016 to pay homage to Brenda who passed away 12 years ago. Aged 39‚ the singer had slipped into a coma and a post-mortem later revealed that she overdosed on cocaine.