Simphiwe Dana Is Happily Engaged To Partner Pumeza Matshikiza – Facts About Her Age and Sexuality

For a celebrity who is privately homosexual, coming out is not something you decide to do in a haste, especially, in Africa. In the continent, LGBTQ conservation is still not as prominent as it is in the West. Even if the practice is not outlawed in your country, as is the case in South Africa, gay people are still a subject of small talks and at the extreme, abuse, from the public. This is just the case with popular South African gay couple, Somizi and Mohale.

However, when the ‘coming out’ is coming from a celebrity who is a middle-aged mother of two, the surprise and astonishment that comes with the reveal is always on a different level. This is why everyone was caught off guard when Simphiwe Dana announced her sexuality to the public on Twitter in 2020. The 44-year-old sensational singer is now openly gay, a fact we must all have to live with.

Simphiwe Dana Announced Her Sexuality And Engagement At The Age Of 40

On the 5th of November 2020, Simphiwe, who was born on the 23rd of January 1980, surprised everyone with the shocking news about her sexuality on Twitter in a series of tweets. According to her post, she has been keeping the secret forever and seems to have given up on staying silent. She, therefore, decided to come out to the public regarding her sexuality.

To make the news even more astonishing, she went on to announce that she will be getting married to Pumeza Matshikiza, a Berlin-based opera singer.

The news of her sexuality and marriage came on the same day, and that was enough to keep fans and tweeps very busy. In her own words, she knew that Africa would block her for coming out to openly declare herself as gay, she went on to make it clear that after thinking things through, she has come to terms with her choice, and is happy about her decision.

Her revelation was received with mixed feelings, while some were totally against her, others (especially homosexuals) were happy for her. Obviously, she was already prepared for whatever people had to say, and it didn’t matter to her. Members of the LGBT+ community were very excited about her announcement and applauded her for being brave enough to come out.

Her action serves as an encouragement to other homosexuals in South Africa who may have been hiding the truth about their sexuality as a result of how people will take the news. The exact time she found out about her sexuality is not known, but from her tweet, you can tell it is a secret she has kept for a long time.

Simphiwe Dana Reaffirmed That She Is Getting Married to Pumeza Matshikiza

For those who think that Simphiwe Dana was not serious when she announced that she was gay and will be getting married to another woman in 2020, she reconfirmed the news in April 2021.

In a post on Twitter, she told fans that it took her some time to come to terms with the fact that she is a lesbian, and she is serious about getting married to Pumeza Matshikiza.

Most fans seemed to have come to terms with the news already as they soon flooded her timeline with congratulatory messages, wishing her a happy married life. Since she has kept fans updated with news about her new sexuality, in no time, we may be receiving news regarding the wedding date of one of South Africa’s newest celebrity gay couples.

Fans Had Always Thought That Simphiwe Dana Was Straight

Because straight people do not announce their sexual orientation, by default, anyone who does not come out to openly say they are gay is taken to be straight or heterosexual. For almost two decades since Simphiwe Dana rose to fame, South Africans have always believed that she was attracted to men and not women, even though she never spoke about her sexuality until November last year.

The fact that she is a mother of two made it easier for people to think she was heterosexual, but she has proven that just like Somizi, one of South Africa’s loudest gay men, having a child is not enough reason to draw conclusions about a person’s sexuality.

Simphiwe Dana is always known to speak up against abusive men and justice for women. She claims that the father of her two children left her after she stopped giving him money, and she was left to be a single mother.

But earlier in 2020, she informed her fans on Twitter that her baby daddy had returned to visit his children after 10 years – she even said she had forgiven him. All of these contributed to making her announcement later in the year more surprising.

Dana Was Once A Side Chick To A Married Man

It was revealed in 2012 that the Simphiwe was having an affair with singer turned pastor, Lucky Shabangu, who was a married man at the time. Simphiwe Dana believes falling in love should not be criminalized even when the “falling” is for someone who is already married. This shows it may not have been an unintentional act as she claimed in a 2015 interview with Khanyi Mbau.

She, however, added in that interview with Mbau that she would not want to be the reason another woman feels pain as her own father had roving eyes and caused her mother a lot of pain. Her statement comes out as a hypocritical one as she was at the time already causing the same pain to the man’s wife.

Simphiwe Dana Became Famous At The Age of 24

Simphiwe Dana was born and raised in a religious home – her father was a preacher. Being raised in the church inspired her passion for music for which she is now popularly known. Perhaps her Christian upbringing is part of the reason why the eventual revelation of her sexuality was surprising to most people.

She was motivated to pursue a career in music by her mother and siblings, which she did. Dana started off by singing in a small club and little by little, she was getting noticed – as well as building a base. Her breakthrough came in 2004 when she released her debut and award-winning album titled “Zandisile”. The album did well, not just in South Africa but internationally as well.

Her music is well appreciated by the older and younger generations alike because of the blend of traditional African music, contemporary soul, gospel, and blues. Since her rise to fame in 2004, she has maintained an active presence in the South African music industry and beyond.

Meet Pumeza Matshikiza – Simphiwe Dana’s Bae

Pumeza Matshikiza, the lady who has captured the heart of Simphiwe Dana, is also an artist, an international opera singer who is based in Berlin, Germany. The graduate of the Royal College of Music is well-traveled and has been to several countries, including France and Poland.

Pumeza was born on the 27th of February 1979, in Lady Frere, South Africa, and is one year older than Simphiwe Dana. The sensational singer performed at the 2014 Commonwealth Games and her performance was viewed by over one billion people.

The exact way they met is not known as their relationship is still new to the media. With time they may tell the story of how they met, and how romantic it was, and whether it was love at first sight or not.

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