Shoprite Staff Demand To Be Paid Right In #OutsourcingMustFall Campaign


Shoprite staff want a minimum wage of R10 000 per month and an immediate end to labor broking at the Shoprite distribution center. To them, the labor broking practice of Shoprite is the way the organisation ‘hands off the very workers who make their vast profits for them by having 90 percent of the staff at distribution center employed by labor brokers.’

Wailing that the labor brokers “pay poverty wages”, it was disclosed that some of the outsourced cleaners working with Shoprite earn as low as R13 per hour.

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Shoprite workers came together under the #OutsourcingMustFall movement to protest against poor pay and their employment through labor brokers.

As gathered, many of the protesting staff work at the distribution unit of the outlet. They handle the inventory of all the Shoprite goods to be loaded onto the lorries for delivery to the shops.

Speaking for the movement, Clarence Debeila said; “we have resolved as follows to demand an immediate end to labour broking at the Shoprite distribution centre, the termination of all contracts with contractors and service providers and employment of all contract workers by Shoprite on a permanent and full-time basis.

We have also resolved to demand a minimum wage of R10 000 per month across the board and equal benefits with permanent employees of Shoprite…, a moratorium on retrenchments and a freeze on the movement of any contract workers by the contractors from the date of this memorandum.”

“We hope and believe that together we can find an amicable resolution to the issues raised here, but failing which, we have every intention to campaign determinedly for permanent and full-time jobs with a living wage,” the movement said adding that Shoprite have until March 24 to respond to their demands.

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