‘Zuma And ANC Are Behind The Shooting Of EFF Members At Rally’ – Malema


Commander-in-chief of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Julius Malema says the ruling party (ANC) and President Jacob Zuma are the brains behind the shooting of EFF members at a rally held in Mpumalanga.

BuzzSouthAfrica learnt that an EFF member, Senzo Thwala was shot and injured in the leg when he tried to stop a man with an ANC T-shirt from entering KaMaqhekeza stadium.

Thwala said the ANC man had been escorting an ANC Councillor earlier in the day, and refused to be searched before entering the stadium where Juju was set to address the gathering.

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He narrated that ANC supporters occupied the open ground nearby the stadium where the EFF rally was to be held. They claimed that “they would be having a soccer tournament,” Thwala said.

“We then moved our meeting to the stadium, and after we had set up, we were surprised when the same person who had come earlier tried to force his way into the stadium, claiming that they now wanted to play soccer inside the stadium. I requested to search him, like everyone else, but he pulled out a gun and started shooting at us. We ran in different directions, and I think that’s when I got shot. I continued running, but fell down a few meters away.”

Reacting, a furious Maleme asserted that the ANC and Zuma are responsible for the incident, and warned against subsequent intimidation of the EFF members.

“I’m going to write a letter to the IEC to tell them that the ANC does not want free and fair elections. Zuma went to the IEC and signed a pledge. He said publicly (that) the ANC will not intimidate everyone, but behind this truck (there’s) a person who was shot today by the ANC.

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“We are not scared of them, because we can also use guns. But we cannot use guns to determine the victory of our people. We want peaceful elections. We want a municipality that is elected by the people,” Juju stated.

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