Shocking Statistics Of South Africa’s Crime Hot-spots


South Africans are pretty much deluded most times, we are however not delusional about the state of violence and crime in the country. Regardless of the statement once made by our charming president claiming “South Africa is not a violent country…we are not – we are peace-loving people,” we all know and have once or twice retorted that our nation is violence ridden, and is the crime hot-spot of the world.

But then, do we all really know how bad the situation is? Are we all aware that 5,900 crimes are reported to the South African Police Services each day? Did you know South Africa was ranked the 15th worst country in the world when it comes to societal safety and security? And that our rainbow nation is the 8th most violent country with an outrageous murder rate of 31 in every 100,000 people?

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Anyway, Crime Stats, an online database complied a crime statistics data in South Africa showing the province and precincts most afflicted by crime. These crimes ranging from murder, attempted murder, rape, assault with intent to do serious bodily harm, common assault, indecent assault, aggravated robbery, street muggings, car hijackings, house break-ins, bank robberies, to common robbery will be further narrowed down and categorized into 5 groups in order to better capture the most popular of these crimes in South Africa. The categories include murder, sexual crimes, assault with intent to inflict grievous bodily harm, break-ins at residential homes, and drug-related crime.

Now check out the statistics of the worst 10 precincts of the criminal activities in South Africa based on the selected 5 categories.

Worst 10 Precincts On Drug-related Crimes

drug crimes

From the above chart, the precinct with the highest crime records related to drugs is Mitchells Plain located in Western cape. Generally, a total of 258,472 drug relate crime cases were recorded in South Africa, and Western Cape is the province with the highest number of cases (84,337).

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Worst 10 Precincts On Burglary At Residential Premises


Burglary is a regular crime in South Africa. Criminals just have to break-into your home. It doesn’t matter if you keep angry-looking bull dogs, for we’re all aware of happenings that involve certain criminals going to such extent of poisoning dogs just to smooth-out their breaking operations. Crimes related to burglary were recorded most in Gauteng province with 67,913 cases reported. However, Park Road in Free State is the precinct where break-ins happened most with 1,895 cases reported. Moreover, 259,424 cases of burglary were reported in the whole of South Africa.

Worst 10 Precincts On Assault With Intent To Inflict Grievous Bodily Harm


Again, this crime is most prolific in Gauteng with 41,326 cases recorded out of a total of 182,065 cases in the whole of South Africa. But as seen in the graphic illustration above, the precinct were the crime is most prolific is not in Guateng but in Kwazulu Natal.

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Worst 10 Precincts On Sexual Crimes

sexual crimes

I bet we can all agree that the figures represented above underrated the extent of crime in question. If you’re less willing to agree, then you deserve to know that The Medical Research Council according to Factsheets & Guide “estimated that only one in nine rapes are reported to the police.” As such, the actual numbers of rapes in SA is much higher than numbers recorded by the police. Anyway, 62,267 sexual crimes were generally reported with most (11,661 cases) recorded in KwaZulu Natal. But again, the precinct scoring most in the crime as seen in graph is in Limpopo.

Worst 10 Precincts On Murder Crimes


Generally, a total of 16,194 murder crimes were reported with most cases (3,561) recorded. Meanwhile the precinct where most of the murders happened as illustrated above was in Nyaga located in Western Cape.

According to the findings of the statistics based on 2014, Gauteng is the most crime ridden province with a total number of 647,409 reported criminal activities, and is closely followed by the Western Cape province with two of its precincts Mitchells Plain and Cape Town Central crowned as the two worst areas with 25,575 and 18,369 cases respectively. Meanwhile, the worst affected precincts in Gauteng are Johannesburg central with 14, 791 cases, Honeydew with 13,561 cases and Pretoria Central with 12, 682 cases. In all, criminal activities in South Africa are said to be driven by the slow pace of government reform programs, poverty and inequality.

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