No-Confidence Vote Against Mashaba: EFF Shows ANC The Middle Finger


As Mayor Herman Mashaba awaits the end result of the vote of no-confidence motion against him proposed by the African National Congress, the third s majority party, EFF  has come to say that it won’t support the ANC’s bid in the parliament.

In a statement presented by EFF’s deputy President Floyd Shivambu said that they will not be supporting the motions brought by the ANC.

The ANC relies on the EFF’s support in the decision on the fate of the Mayor Mashaba and Speaker Vasco da Gama in the two-day Council sitting that began on Wednesday.

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In September the ANC bid to hold a secret ballot against the pair failed and in a more drastic move to achieve its aim, the ANC, through its provincial chair Paul Mashatile held talks with the EFF’s national leadership in the bid to gain their support to vote against the mayor and Gama on Thursday.

As largely expected, the EFF said no to the ANC request, saying the party can not be trusted in matters like this.

The ANC has, however, insisted that it would forge ahead with its motion of no confidence in the Joburg mayor despite not having a strong position in the city’s parliament.

ANC Joburg spokesperson Jolidee Matongo said that they only needed a “simple majority” to oust Mashaba, adding that his party was in talks with other parties in a bid to support the ANC motion.

“We have the numbers from the ANC, as we speak we have 124 and the vote requires a simple majority, it doesn’t require 136 Councillors to vote for the motion. We don’t know what will be the attitude of others. We are pursuing the IFP, we are pursuing the other smaller parties in the Council to work with us.”

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Meanwhile, Mayor Herman Mashaba has regarded the moves by the ANC as desperate and vague, adding that he would not rest until every last crooked crony was gone. And he has been throwing them out in big numbers.

DA’s leader Mmusi Maimane also charged citizens of Johannesburg not allow the ANC to achieve their aim of removing Mashaba because he alone is capable of rooting out all traces of corruption in the city.