‘Shameless Hypocrite’ DA Offers R700 000-a-year Job To Poo Thrower, Loyiso Nkohla


Opposition party, the DA  has for long presented itself to the public as a party ready to bring the change South Africans long hungered for, becoming the mouthpiece of the people and in fighting corruption. However,

However, the latest report stands to give a hidden side of the party as a writer calls the party and it’s members “shameless hypocrites”.

 Report from City Press says the Democratic Alliance is in no way better than the ruling African national Congress it often criticizes.

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The press reported that the same DA which had branded itself as a just and anti-corrupt party recently gave an R700 000-a-year job to former ANC councilor and convicted poo thrower Loyiso Nkohla.

This, the paper said, happened in the DA-led city of Cape town.

The paper described Loyiso Nkohla as a saboteur who, as an ANC councilor, was expelled from both the party and city council in 2014 following a crime that shocked South Africa and the world.

The courts found him guilty of contravening the Civil Aviation Act when he, along with members of the Ses’Khona People’s Rights Movement, dumped human excrement at Cape Town International Airport.

Loyiso Nkohla was a one time ANC councilor for the city of Cape Town who was found guilty of compromising the “credibility and integrity” of the municipality after he emptied containers of feces in public during the so-called “toilet wars.”

He was caught dumping feces in public during the so-called ‘poo protests’, which were rampant in the city at that time.

Then also, the Democratic Alliance (DA) Chief Whip Anthea Serritslev charged him for contravening the code of conduct. Serritslev said disciplinary committee found councilor Nkohla guilty of contravening the code of conduct for the councilors.

This same DA is now reported to have offered a R700 000-a-year job to Nkohla and the party’s spokesperson for the City of Cape Town, Priya Reddy was quoted as saying Nkohla’s experience gained as a councilor “stands him in good stead”.

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Describing their action, the press writer said the DA is not worthy of their self-bestowed title of the morality police and advocates of ethical leadership.

“Which experience? That of endangering public safety perhaps? Truth is this anarchist was rewarded for campaigning for the DA ahead of last month’s polls, in a clear case of cadre deployment”

“What then gives the DA the moral authority to question the ANC’s cadre deployment if, by its own benchmark, an unrepentant thug like Nkohla is fit and proper to hold public office?” the writer said.