SA MP Says It’s Alright To Bless Sex Workers


This is about Ahmed Shaik-Emam justifying his gesture towards a sex worker in Swaziland. He said it’s alright to bless sex worker. Don’t get it twisted, bless as used here doesn’t connote its’ recent meaning in South Africa.

As culled from a City Press report, the South African member of Parliament paid the fine of a sex worker in Swaziland in order to keep her out of jail.

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BuzzSouthAfrica learnt that the sex worker was arrested for shoplifting in Nhlangano, Swaziland. It was subsequently, ruled that she pay a penalty equal to R500 or spend five months behind bars.

But hey! the National Freedom Party MP intervened.

According to Shaik-Emam, he was informed about the woman’s case by a local newspaper report. He related that the sex worker is a mum to two kids who depend on her for survival, and is also catering for her relatives.

“It was the right thing to do. People will laugh and think it’s a controversial thing to do, but sex workers are also just human beings before they are sex workers.”

Divulging that the woman will go trough a mandatory counselling, the SA MP asserted that “society can’t just abandon someone in such a situation. We all need to make sure there are programs that can help vulnerable women.

We will have to look deeper and more compassionately into why these women do what they do. In some cases, people do it because they do not have a choice and because they do not have an income,” he added.

The MP said he’ll embrace SWEAT (Sex Worker Education & Advocacy Taskforce), a sex workers organisation to discuss and come up with ways to bless sex workers in South Africa.

He’ll be doing this “because… there are people (and in some cases even police officers) who exploit and abuse sex workers. As leaders, we can’t just stand by and make speeches and do nothing. We must act, not just talk,” Shaik-Emam charged.

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The SA MP was elected chairperson of the human and social development program. He was attending a meeting of the Southern African Development Community Parliamentary Forum in Swaziland.