Sfiso Ncwane And Wife Share Plans On How To End Piracy In SA


Concerned about the thousands of rand musicians lose each year to piracy, musician Sfiso Ncwane and wife, Ayanda, thought up a plan.

Putting an end to piracy in South Africa will not be as easy as it sounds as it has eaten deep into the system.

While some big shots in the music arena chose to speak out against piracy over the last few months, Sfiso and his wife think they might have come up with a solution.

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The big plan to fight piracy was revealed by Ayanda who took to Instagram this week to share what she and her husband are planning.

Their strategy is not to drop the price of their music, no. Instead, they will take their work “straight to the people.” Opening up pop-up CD stores in areas without permanent stores will go a long way in making their plan feasible.

Disregarding the fact that the high costs of CDs and the availability of music are the major causes of piracy, Ayanda finds other reasons for it.

She argues that piracy has prevailed as a result of the “limited” number of platforms and CD stores in certain areas.

“The platforms/ stores are limited. Most places in the country don’t have music shops at all, and this gives the chance to pirated music,” she said.

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Leaning on these findings, Ayanda declared that this is a good reason to launch pop-stores nationwide to serve every Dick and Harry.

The pop up CD stores will be set in motion from August.

However, what we are not sure of is whether the stores will only stock Sfiso’s music or include albums from other artists.

Who know, Sfiso Ncwane and wife’s initiative might just be the end to piracy in South Africa.