Seychelles’ 50 Rupee Banknote Has “SEX” As A Secret Word Printed On It


This is not a joke, you’ll see for yourself that there’s actually, a banknote with “sex” as a secret word printed on it. You may find yourself scrutinizing every single hard cash on you after reading this piece. However, feel free to regard this as the most successful prank in history. Who knows, it probably is.

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As reported, “the 50 rupee note from the Seychelles has the word “sex” hidden inside the design in palm trees next to the Queen of England’s head, and the note is expected to gather more than $500 when it goes to auction come October. According to history, the Seychelles’ notes were issued between 1968 and 1973 when the Seychelles was trying to gain independence from Britain. The banknote with the hidden word was however recently discovered among a collection of coins and money by Timothy Medhurst, an auctioneer and valuer at Duke’s Auction House.

While numerous argument and opinions have been offered regarding the intent of the secret word, with people suggesting the hidden word was  an unintended but incredible coincidence, and others implying otherwise, Timothy believes the secret word is a private joke from the person tasked to engrave the templates for the currency. “I think it was intentionally put there. On another bank note in the series the word ‘scum’ was in the seaweed. There are other hidden messages. Why? I have no idea.” He said, suggesting the additions were deliberate.

Seychelles banknote -rotatedAccording to him, “You have to turn it on its side and almost go cross-eyed to see it.” He further related that the hidden word wasn’t noticed until after the banknote had stopped being printed, and that the note will be separately sold to the highest bidder.

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