Sex-slaved Zimbabwean Women Await Mugabe’s Intervention


Some of the sex-slaved Zimbabwean women who were promised jobs and better living in Kuwait, only to be sex-slaved when they arrived the Western Asia Arab country have gained their freedom.

Zim’s Chairperson of the Parliamentary portfolio committee on Foreign Affairs, Cde Kindness Paradza said the 16 women escaped from captivity and are presently under the care of Mark Marongwe – the country’s Ambassador to Kuwait.

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This follows the release of 32 other sex-slaved Zimbabwean women who returned home after a Parliamentary delegation visited Kuwait.

“I have just been informed by our Ambassador to Kuwait Cde Mark Marongwe that 16 more girls have escaped from their abusive employers and are now camped at the embassy seeking assistance to be brought home,” Paradza disclosed.

He estimated that about 500 Zimbabwean women were lured to Kuwait under the same circumstance, and stated that “the figures of those run-away girls is swelling and is expected to rise by the weekend.”

Paradza refereed to President Mugabe as the Father of the nation while he called on him to exercise his Presidential power and order the country’s Minister of Foreign Affairs to effect a ban on visa applications to Kuwait.

“Our wish as Parliament is to have a complete ban on all visa applications to Kuwait under Section 20, which commits into slavery anyone who enters that country under that section.

Other African Countries like Nigeria, South Africa and Ghana have since banned their citizens from traveling to Kuwait under that section.”

Paradza lamented that Government has not availed funds to have the girls flown back home to Zimbabwea. And also, is worried that it’s difficult to account for all the girls.

According to him, some of the girls were transported to other countries like Saudi Arabia or Qatar on arrival in Kuwait.

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With that, he demanded of Zimbabwe’s security agencies to “hunt down all those locals who are working in cahoots with Kuwaiti syndicates” on the crime “and bring them to book.”