10 Things You Never Knew About Sello Maake Ka-Ncube

Sello Maake is one of South African’s most popular actors. He’s known everywhere from the streets of Johannesburg down to the Cape, by the young and the old. When you go to South Africa and ask about acting in general, they’ll always use Ka-Ncube as an example.

Ka-Ncube, popular as Sello Maake, is a simple man. He says that when he’s not in the studio making a movie then he will be spending time with his family. He is happiest next to his 5 children and considers his friends the best gift from God. He is also a crusader for African culture having participated in several strikes demanding inclusion of more African content in local radio and TV channels.

Here are 10 things most people don’t know about Ka-Ncube


1. Early life

Sello Maake was born in 1960 in Orlando, South Africa. He later moved to Atteridgeville, Pretoria, South Africa, where grew up. He loved watching movies and perhaps, that’s where the inspiration came from. In fact, he says he loved Gibson Kante so much, especially his movie How Long. The man started acting at the age of 15, in 1975.

2. Sello is a father of five

Sello Maake Ka-Ncube has always been very protective of his privacy – particularly when it comes to the matter of his children. He consistently refuses to either mention them or have their pictures taken. He has always said that he loves being a dad. Sello lost the eldest of his kids in a fatal motor accident. The remaining five are Neo Tsagae (30), Lerato (28), Lindo (16), Onkgopotse (14) and Akhona (11).

3. Films in which he has appeared

Being one of the most in-demand actors of his generation, Sello Maake has appeared in several films during the 90s including; Todliche Gaschafte (1991), The Rutanga Tapes (1990), Wheels and Deals (1991), The Good Fascist (1992), Bopha! (1993), A South Africa Tale (2005) A Dry White Season (1989), Taxi to Soweto (1993), and Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom (2013).

4. Theatre work

Being a voice actor, Sello Maake has played roles in several plays in South Africa, New York, London’s West End, and Royal Shakespeare Company. The plays in which he has appeared on include; The Good Woman of the Starkville, Othello, The Suit, Smallholding, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, Raising in the Sun, The King Lion, and Titus Andronicus, which was played both in South Africa and at the London’s National Theatre.

5. Television show appearances

Ka-Ncube is quite a popular figure in his home country. For this reason, he rarely misses on TV. He played a major role in Generations which remains one of the longest running TV shows in the country. He later also appeared in Bophelo Ke Semphekgo and Scandal. In Generations, he played the role of a rich businessman named Archie Moroka. In 1997, Ka-Ncube was forced to quit the show after payment wrangles with the management.

Following his withdrawal, Generations’ ratings dropped significantly, forcing his reintroduction. His role in the soap was killed in 2002 after which Ka-Ncube decided to pursue his career abroad.

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6. Awards he has won

This man has had many stunning performances for many years which have seen him win countless prizes and awards over his long acting career. He has won awards everywhere; theatre, television, and film. The awards he has received include; DALRO: Best Actor Award (1994) for the role he played in The Suit, the Pan Africa Heritage Broadcast Achievement (PAHBA) Award (2001), and FNB Vita Best Performance Award (2001) for the role he played in Call Us Crazy. 2002 is the year he won the most awards in a single year. In the year, he was nominated for the FBN Vita Performance in Musical Theater category.

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7. He went on hunger strike to protest SABC’s decision to cut local content

Sello Maake Ka-Ncube in August 2012 criticized the ANC government saying he believed the South African culture was better protected during the apartheid days. He has blamed the government for allowing SABC to cut coverage for local content unopposed in recent years. He called for more local music content, a youth radio station and more local content on television stations that would be relevant to the youths. He became the first actor to join the Television Industry Emergency Coalition (TIEC) in a 30 days hunger strike against the SABC’s decision to reduce local content being aired.

8. Ka-Ncube was involved in R4 million feud with ex-lover

In 2013 the actor was involved in a legal battle with Thandi Ngcobo, his ex-lover over R4 million which they had received from a South African Lottery Trust Fund. This money they received while the two were still together. Sello Maake had obtained a court order from the High Court to stop the use of the funds, which were at that time in an account belonging to Thandi’s organization – Batebang Community Services. The matter was not taken lightly by Thandi who challenged the order forcing the pair to engage in a court battle. The funds were to be used in hosting awards for the staff members who worked in the television and radio industry. The ceremony was organized by Ka-Ncube’s foundation and Thandi’s organization.

9. He is among the best-paid actors in SA

According to the Drum magazine, Ka- Ncube and two other actors in South Africa take home a paycheck of between R100,000 and R120,000 every month. The report also claims that despite them not being from Scandals – which offers the best pay in the country, the trio from Generations is contracted to production companies known to remunerate their workers very well.

10. Ka-Ncube’s eldest son died in a car crash

In April 2011, the life of the Mxolisi Maake Ka-Cube was cut short in a car accident. The car in which they were traveling lost control near the Xavier Street off-ramp on the M1 Highway in South Africa. Mxolisi was 28 years when he lost his life. The car hit two poles that were along the road, but unfortunately, only Mxolisi lost his life. Mxosili was the first-born of the renowned actor’s childhood sweetheart.


Sello Maake remains one of Africa’s most respected and highly regarded actors of all time. He has dedicated his time and effort in promoting African culture. The man is a living legend and a mentor. Many South African and African kids as a whole, who want to be actors when they grow up look to him as a role model.

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