Selfie Craze On Railway Costs Indian Boy His Life


While taking a quick selfie, an Indian teenager was ran over and killed by a moving train. The young lad tried to take a photo of himself in front of an oncoming train while he was walking home with his friends.

In this most recent accident involving selfies, the passenger train ran over the boy shortly after he stepped onto railway tracks to snap the selfie in the southern city of Chennai, while walking home with friends last night.

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This selfie accident comes just few weeks after the police in the western city of Mumbai moved to crack down on some dangerous selfies after a man drowned while he was trying to save a girl who fell into the sea snapping a selfie.

In May last year, a Russian woman accidentally shot herself in the head with a pistol while posing for a selfie with the weapon.

In a similar case, the Texas Police reported that a 19-year-old father of two died after he accidentally shot himself while posing for a picture with a gun. Deleon Smith died of a gunshot wound to the throat in an apartment in Southwestern Houston on.

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While others may think that such behavior is odd and foolish, it however appears that more and more people around the world are risking their lives in the name of getting a perfect selfie. This behavior is most likely to be carried out by the type of person already more likely to push the boundaries of normal behavior.

Meanwhile, a lot of governments and regulatory bodies have now started treating the selfie as a serious threat to public safety, leading them to launch public education based on dangerous selfies.