16 Photos Of What Johannesburg Looked Like Back In The 50s And How Different It Is Now


Technology and development have swept through Johannesburg and modernized the people, the things they do and even how they see life, but most importantly, it has changed the way our environment looks. Even though we love the new good-looking Johannesburg, we sometimes miss the way it used to look. Old streets have been replaced with good-looking tared roads with Zebra crossings and traffic control lights. Old styled houses have been replaced with sky scrapers that look like they were made of glass.

Change, they say is constant. It may have taken a while, but Johannesburg was not left out of the wave of globalization and the technological advancement that rocked South Africa and made it one of the most beautiful and developed countries in Africa.

We want to compare how Johannesburg looked in the late 1950s to how it looks now, to see how far we have come and to help us better appreciate the journey so far.

Johannesburg Then And Now

Kerk And Sauer Street


Kerk Street Looking West From The High Court

Kerk Street

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Commissioner Street Then

old commissioner raod

Commissioner Street Now

new commissioner street

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Jan Smuts International Airport Then

Old Jan Smuts International Airport

Jan Smuts Airport Now

New Jan-Smuts-Airport

Impala Fountain Then

Old Impala Fountain

Impala Fountain Now

New Impala

Corner of President And Ntemi Piliso Street, Newtown.


Commissioner And Simmonds Street with Victory building in the background

Commissioner and simmonds street

Department Of Economic Development, Simmonds Street

department of economic development

City Hall Complex Albertina Sisulu Street, Formerly Market Street

city hall

Simmonds And President Street

simmonds and president street

FNB Building From Library Gardens Simmonds And Albertina Sisulu Street

FNB building

Sands Hotel

la Rosa1

 Fine Art House

fine art house