See What South Africans Must Do To Defend The Public Protector


Being able to successfully defend the constitution and the public, the public protector Thuli Madonsela must have stepped on the toes of top influential people who now want her out of the way. But South Africans have been urged to stand up in unity to defend the woman who has dedicated her life giving voice to the voiceless from those determined to end her life. Stand up and defend the public protector.

The SA’s top anti-corruption official Madonsela, now lives in fears for her life after learning from an informant that hit men were being contracted to kill her.

To this, the Congress of the People party (COPE) said this must not be allowed to happen; it said citizens who value the role played by Thuli in fighting corruption and defending the rights of citizens should stand up and protect her and also to defend the public protector office.

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COPE spokesman Dennis Bloem went on to say that the party will in no way condone the activities of criminals and rogue elements wanting to “take our key institutions hostage”.

“Neither can we allow anyone to intimidate our Public Protector. She must remain free and safe‚ for the little time she has left in office‚ to act fairly and fearlessly against those who violate the Constitution of our country and who undermine the rule of law. Not even the person occupying the highest position in the land must escape censure if he deserves to be censured‚”

Bloem accused the members of the ruling party- ANC- of trying to intimidate Madonsela for many months in recent years. He said the ruling party has no regard for her well performed duties but only sees her as a threat.

“They have little appreciation for her work or the enormous difficulties and dangers she faces. The ruling party sees her as a stumbling block to their freedom to act dishonestly and to abuse power with impunity‚” Bloem added.

“Just as he disbanded the Scorpions‚ Mr Zuma must wish he had a bigger majority in parliament which would have allowed him to alter the Constitution and do away with the Public Protector’s office‚” he stated‚ adding that fortunately the President did not have that power. Madonsela had served South Africa “magnificently and she needs all the protection and support she can from us”‚ Bloem added.

More to this, the Democratic  Alliance has called on the state’s security agents to urgently investigate the threats against the public protector

“Violence and the threat thereof can, in no uncertain terms, be tolerated and the DA wants the Saps to take these allegations seriously and to ensure that threats on human life, both high profile and ordinary, are prevented and dealt with effectively,” said DA MP Zakhele Mbhele.

“If the SAPS fails to act‚ I will write to the Western Cape Police Ombudsman‚ Vusi Pikoli‚ requesting that an investigation be conducted into the SAPS’ dereliction of duty in this regard‚” Mbhele added.

Though security personnel are still skeptical about the authenticity of the threat message sent to her on the 1st of April, more effort need to be taken to ensure her safety, all hands must be on deck to defend the public protector.

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