See Leaked Nude Picture Of A Man Assumed To Be Kebby Maphatsoe


Years before now, we say pictures don’t lie, but with the advent of new technologies, such as photoshop, it’s practically impossible to rely on pictures as evidence.

Well… whether photoshopped or not, a recently released picture has on it a man who appears to be the deputy minister of defence and military veterans, Kebby Maphatsoe

In the picture which emerged on Twitter on Friday, the man who looked more like the deputy minister Kebby Maphatsoe was posing with no clothes on.

This might as well be a photoshopped picture as there seems to have been a number of such images of late. If it is real, then the picture appears to have been taken in a hotel room and has thighs that look like those of a young woman though her face did not feature in the picture.

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According to the citizen, it is not clear who took the pictures and in the picture is a man who bears an uncanny resemblance to the former uMkhonto we Sizwe (MK) cook.

The man in the picture doesn’t have a right arm, like Maphatsoe, who lost his right arm after he was shot by soldiers of the Ugandan army during the dark days of the apartheid.

The man can be seen fully naked, reading a broadsheet newspaper.

As expected, the released picture raised issues on Twitter as some mocked the deputy minister while some others condemned the person who posted the picture referring to it as an act of tarnishing one’s image.

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The MK Military Veterans Association wasn’t readily available for comment, citing they were still at lunch.

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