Don’t Vote ANC, Zuma And Madiba Are Two Different Persons – Malema


Ahead of the upcoming elections, South Africans have been told to vote with their heads and not with their hearts. Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader, Julius Malema, made this know during a rally in Sebokeng in the Vaal.

Speaking at the party’s rally on Sunday, the defiant leader urged the people not to vote for ANC in the name of Madiba. He said Madiba was ANC’s and South Africa’s only visionary leader, who placed the people’s welfare before his.

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Malema, who spoke to thousands of supporters, opined that the ANC under Mandela is no longer the ANC under Zuma. He said president Zuma is simply a stumbling block to the development and progress Madiba fought for. Hence, the ANC and other opposition parties must desist from using the liberation icon from wooing supporters.

Malema said:

“People say they want to vote for the ANC because of their love for Madiba, but voting for the ANC is voting for [Jacob] Zuma and the two are different men.”

Malema’s assertions came after the DA was slammed last week for ‘hijacking Madiba’s voice’ on one of its electoral advert.

As expected, Juju promised to keep Zuma on pin and needles until he pays back Nkandla bill if the EFF comes into power. He described the EFF a party on a mission to deliver the suffering masses, and that the liberation will start by land reclamation.

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Malema said:

“Our land is our identity. We can only go back to basics if we have land. With land, children will be able to go to school. The elderly will benefit from vegetable gardens and our people will own land that is rightfully theirs.”

Malema Thrills Sebokeng Residents

Juju also brightened the hearts of his numerous supporters by promising to dole out free sanitary towels to women. He boasted that the EFF can distribute free pads to young women because the party was able to distribute free condoms.

“Thousands of young women are forced to stay out of school because they cannot afford pads. The use of condoms may be a choice but the use of pads is not,” the defiant leader maintained.

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