Scared ANC Lobbies ‘Unwilling Mbeki’ To Help Campaign For Elections


Reports have it that a ‘scared ANC’ has been trying to get Thabo Mbeki to power its campaign for elections.

As learnt, the scared ANC in Gauteng is worried about losing power in the coming elections. As such, they approached the former president to help the party campaign for votes.

Johannesburg mayor and the ANC regional chairperson Parks Tau reportedly met Mbeki for this. They met the former leader at the Thabo Mbeki Foundation in Killarney, Johannesburg.

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Though the outcome of the meeting hasn’t been fully divulged, it’s been insinuated that Mbeki is unwilling to campaign for ANC.

For one thing, ANC Gauteng has refused to comment on the the outcome of the meeting. It simply said: “We will keep you posted,” when asked.

Nevertheless, Tau acknowledged that the meeting with Mbeki was imperative.

“It was…important…because we are literally running two election campaigns. We are running a campaign to lead the city of Johannesburg in as much as we are running a campaign to lead the world.

We thought it would be important that we keep him updated about both campaigns but also about the work we have been doing,” Tau stated.

Also, Gauteng ANC solicited the assistance of Winnie Madikizela-Mandela. Party leaders visited her home in Orlando West, Soweto. The intent as learnt, was to get her to endorse the party publicly.

Support ANC And Save South Africa

Speaking to journalists, Madikizela-Mandela said: “I am very happy to see all of you. I have not seen you for so long; I am actually delighted to see you. I am here to tell my people to do the right thing and vote for the right revolutionary movement.

The only thing that will save South Africa is to support the ANC,” she asserted.

Thereafter, she condemned the political killing of ANC members and candidates for elections. “There is this barbarism that we are faced with in South Africa, which is foreign to our elections,” she said.

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With that, she pointed-out that ANC is presently challenged. Nonetheless, she remarked that the party will do well in the upcoming elections. “We are so used to them (the challenges),” she added.

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